Finding Stock Images with Depositphotos

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I have been using creative commons and many other sites that offer free stock photography provided you use the link credit and follow the terms of service for many years.  The idea of also paying per image is also something to consider when you are a blogger who isn’t making a ton of money every month with your blog, so you want to come up with a good solution that lets you grab a ton of photos at a decent price that you can use without worrying about licensing or liking back to the source.

I found Depositphotos to be an excellent source and have really cool subscription pricing plans that allows you to get images for as little as .10 per image without having to worry about making sure the image is royalty free or leaving a credit link in your article or under the image.

In fact, Depositphotos has a 7 day free trial photos and images where you can register and get 5 images per day for 7 days for free, this is 35 images that you get to download to your computer and use however you want for free.

I did a quick search and found tens of thousands of images related to products, categories and items that I blog about.  A quick search for computer in the images and I found 274,000+ related stock images including vectors, icons, drawings, photo’s and more!


When you click on an image, you get an array of download options at your disposal:


These include images at the following resolutions:


Some even come as vector images as mentioned which can be sized to any size without loss of quality.  You can even find icons and many images on a single page which allow you to get social media icons, or several clusters of items on a single image.  The website is so easy to use and you can filter what type of images you are looking for with ease.


What I recommend is you use the 7 day free trial and get 35 images (5 per day) so you have some media images to use at your disposal.  Then I would suggest you get the Low Volume Special offer, which is $59 for 1 month but gives you 5 images per day which is 150 images per month.

Using this you can build an array of stock images for your blog and get almost a years worth of post images in only 2 months (if you post 1x per day and use 1 image per post).

The good thing about the subscription is that you can download any image size without worrying about price.  If you pay per image, the images cost more the larger the image size which ends up costing you as much as several dollars per image for images larger than 1500px wide.

Honestly, if you compare Depositphotos to some competitors you will see the $59 for 5 images per day is better than any competitor site I have found.  I have seen some stock photography sites sell “image packs” for $99 for 5 images.

Search Depositphotos stock images which has over 6.8 million Royalty-Free Stock Photo’s at the time of this article and you will almost certainly find an image that you can use to enhance your blog posts.

-Dragon Blogger

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.