The Flyer’s Bay Nano 2.0 Series Quadcopter Review

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I always had a thing for flying toys but never had the chance to try one since my parents were like “No! This is too risky. You won’t be getting one”. So when I finally got the chance to try out a quadcopter, I was super excited. So here’s my review of The Flyer’s Bay Nano 2.0 Series Quadcopter. This was my first quadcopter purchase, and I have to say that this quadcopter is amazing. This quadcopter is super small and very light weight. Just about the size of my palm and it comes at a really low price of ₹1699 or $26.


Batteries Required Yes
Batteries Included No
Remote Control Included? Yes
Color Black
Item Weight 249 g
Product Dimensions 10×10×3cm
Item part number TFBBNano
Manufacturer’s Minimum Suggested Age (years) 14

Check out my unboxing video along with the flight test of the quadcopter

 Packaging and Contents

The Flyers Bay quadcopter’s packaging was good. You can see how the quadcopter looks without having to open up the box. The holder had a separate cutout for the controller, and the quadcopter itself was held properly with some ties while the manual and the accessories bag were on the back side.

The box comes in with these contents:

  • Quadcopter
  • Controller
  • Manual
  • 4 extra fans
  • Wrench

The box does not include the 3 AAA batteries which are needed for the controller. So you have to buy them separately.

Build Quality

Moving on to the build, the quadcopter is very light weight. The outside is plastic with a nice glossy finish. I got mine in black and white color which looks very good. It is equipped with 4 propellers and comes along with the side protectors so that the fans do not get damaged in a crash. The quadcopter looks like it will break easily, but i can assure you that it is nothing like that. The quadcopter can handle lots of beating. The quadcopter has fallen from my 2nd floor balcony to the ground a couple of times, and the quadcopter didn’t get any scratch on it.
The controller is also plastic. The plastic feels low quality. But the controller fits in your hands perfectly. The controller’s buttons come in red and black color.


The controller has a 6 axis gyro system with a built in gyroscope. A gyroscope is basically a device that uses Earth’s gravity to help determine orientation.
The controller has a 2.4Ghz frequency transmitter so the quadcopter can travel quite a distance. You can also use the same remote for other quadcopters.
The quadcopter comes with 4 propellers and 4 extra propellers in case one of them gets damaged. The quadcopter is also equipped with propeller protectors so if the quadcopter crashes, the fans do not get any damage.
The quadcopter has 4 led lights (2 green, 2 red). These lights are helpful for night time and to easily spot your quadcopter in air. The 2 different lights can also help you to determine which direction the quadcopter is going to go in.
3 speed modes- There are 3 speed modes for the quadcopter- Low, Medium and High
Flips and rolls- The quadcopter can do stunts like backflip and 360 rolls with the press of a button.



The controller is one of the key factors to determine how good the quadcopter is going to fly. The controller, in my opinion, was decent. Starting up the quadcopter is pretty easy. You just have to turn on the drone and the controller, then tilt the left joystick up and down once. That’s all it takes to sync the controller with your quadcopter. Also, the same controller can be used for another Nano Quadcopter. The left joystick is used to hover the drone up and down and to rotate it 360°. While the right stick is used to move the quadcopter. The thing that I noticed with the joysticks is that the right stick had more resistance to it while I was controlling it with my thumb which is a good thing, so I get better control with the drone. The left joystick didn’t have any resistance while moving it up and down. So had a little less control while trying to hover the quadcopter which sometimes led to the quad falling to the ground. The top left button is used for speed control. This will change increase and decrease the speed of the propellers from low to medium to high. The top right button is used for flipping the quad. The controller also has a trim function. What the trim function does it that sometimes the quad is not properly calibrated to its gyro sensors. So it helps you to calibrate it, so the drone hovers properly without drifting in other direction.



So the quadcopter has an inbuilt lithium battery. The battery is rechargeable. Charging the quad takes up to 30-45 minutes if the battery is completely drained, and the quadcopter’s battery lasts for more than 10 minutes which is quite remarkable since the drone is so small. The controller needs 3 AAA batteries and will probably last for more than a month. As I mentioned before, you will have to buy the batteries for the controller as it is not included in the box.


The quadcopter has a good range thanks to the 2.4g controller. The quadcopter can go up to 80-90 meters high without any problem. Getting used to the flying took me quite a while since this was my first quadcopter, but once I got used to it, it was easy to control. A good wind can change the drones momentum, but during normal weather, the drone flies perfectly. The quadcopter also comes with 4 LEDs so even during night time, I had no problems in flying the drone.

My thoughts

This quadcopter is an excellent choice for beginners. It did take me quite a few tries to get used to the quadcopters handling. The quadcopter is very much fun to play with. Though I would not recommend the quad for younger kids since it’s hard to fly and they might hurt themselves. The quadcopter has a superb range and flies up to 5 stories high. Maybe more. So if you want to try a quadcopter out as a beginner or if you’re thinking of buying a costly quadcopter, I would recommend you to get this. This will give you a feel of how a real drone works and flies.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.