Why Free Hosting Is a Great Way to Start Blogging

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Free web hosting, as the name suggests is completely free non-paid web hosting service that is an often considered as a great way to start blogging if you are new to the blogging world. It provides the user with the convenience to start writing blogs without spending a single penny and provides them a taste of how blogging is all about.

Is Free Website hosting worth your time?

With an increasing number of bloggers each day, the web hosting demand is drastically increasing leading to the further competition for free web hosting services. A lot of novice bloggers are considering the free web hosting services to avoid paying any additional charges and keep it totally free of cost. With the free hosting services new bloggers can learn a lot about the ABCs of designing, developing and maintaining websites for free of cost. Not only that, they will come to know about various tools that are crucial for hosting a website. For instance, 000webhost is a good free hosting website that allows users to experience a great web hosting without a single penny.

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If you want to start your own website or blog then there are many web hosts that provide free subdomains and allow hosting any website. One such free hosting service that is very user-friendly and reliable is 000webhost.com. They are the number 1 free web hosting service and have the following advantages:

  • Provides first class free web hosting service without any annoying adverts.
  • Very easy to sign up without entering any credit card details.
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime that assures your website to be up and running 24/7
  • Support for PHP, MySQL, Curl, GD2, XML, PHP Sockets, access and more scripting languages without any restrictions.
  • Provides unmetered connections with almost unlimited space and bandwidth.
  • Free Auto Installer that installs your website with a single click. It makes installing any scripts fairly easy with support for over 50 scripts such as Photo Gallery, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OSCommerce and lots more.
  • Very easy to use and free website builder that provides the easiest website building interface and allows the user to create a website in just 3 simple steps viz. Select template, add content and publish. That’s it!
  • No hidden charges without any restrictions. Blazing fast, reliable and with a great customer support who else need any paid web hosting service.

Top 10 benefits of choosing a free website hosting service:-

1. Anyone can learn a lot by starting their blog or website on a free web hosting service. It will help to understand the basics of designing, developing and maintaining their blogs and making them ready for hosting on paid web hosting services if they want.

2. Free websites allow you to express your ideas with a similar group of people across the world without spending any charges. By creating helpful blogs or websites, provides the user the base and also helps in generating organic traffic on their website with much less effort for free.

3. Very reliable option for deliberate organizations and nonprofit organizations such as NGO with low capital to enjoy uninterrupted and totally free blog hosting. It will give them the freedom to publish much information related to the events, news and allow them to effectively communicate with the participants of related communities.

4. Beneficial for family websites by providing them the freedom to share photographs and important events related to their family members. By that way, all the data will be kept safe on the web host cloud servers and will allow any authorized user to access those photographs or videos while sitting in any corner of the world.

5. The free hosting services also allow the user to be carefree about the maintenance of their servers. All the management of servers is done the web host and you won’t be charged any money for that. Maintaining the servers is the sole duty of the hosting company and you are not shouldered with any type of such responsibility

6. Another huge plus point of using a free web hosting service is that you do not have to purchase any dedicated hardware, maintain it or house it. It is greatly beneficial to the business point of view as the hardware and operational costs are pretty much high while free web hosting saves you from these expenses.

7. Free web hosting service provides its users with the option to use many free open source application in order to customize your website according to your own taste. You will easily be able to install many such applications such as WordPress, Joomla, gallery2 and lots more with just a single click.

8. FTP or File Transfer protocol is quite necessary in order to transfer all your important data from your primary machine to the host’s server, and many free web hosting services provide hassle-free upload and download important files of your website with just drag and drop mechanism.

9. With an increasing number of files per website, the user needs to buy additional storage space in order to upload more data. But with the free hosting service, you get almost infinite storage space with unlimited bandwidth that makes hosting your website a charm without any restrictions.

10. Last but not least, the users get a personalized free mail server matching to their web address without any charge. Many free hosting services often greet their users with free virus and spam protection that makes it secure and reliable with support for the POP3 program including MS Outlook, Express, Netscape and much more.

Final Words

Free web hosting is a very reliable and great option to have if you are new to blogging and website building. It provides the user with the same interface as a paid hosting, custom domain being the one and only major benefit of a paid hosting service. The biggest plus point is that it saves your money and free you from the monthly or yearly expenses charged by a paid hosting service. It provides a relief to people who are technically challenged and saves them from all the hassle providing a flawless experience.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.