Split PDF Files by Page with Free PDF Splitter

I had been needing to find a way to split a PDF file into multiple smaller files for each individual page recently and this had me searching online when I came across some excellent freeware which can accomplish this.  Sometimes you get a PDF file or have to work with a PDF file you didn’t author and certain information on each page is specific to something so you need an easy way to split pdf files into multiple pages.  This can’t easily be accomplished by printing each PDF page to a file though that is an option it is too time consuming.


This is where something like Kvisoft PDF Splitter comes in, which is a PDF splitter freeware specifically for one purpose and that is to split pdf files into smaller files based on some flexible criteria.  For my test scenario I used a few PDF files but my unfinished Dragon Blogger eBook was a good starting one.


I had a PDF file that was multiple pages in size, and I wanted to split this PDF file into smaller pdf files, specifically split pdf into one file per page.  In Kvisoft PDF Splitter you just open up the software then select the source PDF file that you want to split.


You then have the option to split the file into separate pdf files for every page, or extract specific pages to custom PDF files.  You can even pare down and just remove PDF pages to trim a document of the pages you don’t need.


You can see after splitting the pdf file into multiple documents for each page it defaults to using the base file name and adds _### increments for each page.  Each is now a separate file and can be worked on separately and your source file is untouched.

Such a free and simple tool to use and you don’t have to worry about it adding any watermarks to your files, as it doesn’t add any information or alter the pages that it splits from the main PDF document.

If you are looking to split pdf files into pages then Kvisoft Free PDF Splitter is a great freeware tool to accomplish this and I highly recommend it.

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