Fresh in-game GTA V PS4 Screenshots leaked

Grand Theft Auto V is scheduled to be released on the PS4 and the Xbox ONE early next week, on 18th November to be precise. This is the perfect time when people begin getting there hands on early copies and leak some screenshots or useful information. For example,t he next gen version of GTA V will not allow you to store special vehicles like the Ambulance in your garage in GTA ONLINE. Read on below for more small leaks and a handful of screenshots. Take these with a grain of salt, though they are promising.

Character Customization

Right off the bat, when you fire up GTA ONLINE, the character customization options have been increased and you can basically onw tweak a lot of minor details to make your character unique.

First Person Cars

The biggest addition of the next gen version of GTA V has to be the amazing First Person mode. Rockstar definitely put a lot of effort into this, which can be clearly seen in the image below. This is the interior of a Police cruiser. The high resolution of the next gen makes even the tiny details like the cracked glass pop out.


Up next are a few screenshots from GTA ONLINE, here in the first one you can see the mountains in the distance with ease. The second one gives you a look at the buildings (not too far though) and you get to see the foliage of the tree leaves.

Next up is another screenshot from GTA ONLINE, this time its during the night. It gives you a view of the night sky and the starts.


Finally, here is a picture of the new car customization options. The car is the image has been fully modified and the neon underglow has been added.



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