Noot Lightning USB Cable Review

Okay so honestly this is just a 3 foot USB Lightning cable so there isn’t really much to review here and I don’t want to waste readers time.  So let me just say this, the Noot Lightning USB Cable works and works well.  It was used exclusively for 4 days as the only means of charging my iPhone 5S from Wall A/C outlet as well as from external batteries and it did so without issue.

The head plug is as small as the Apple official lightning cable so it fit in every case I tested with it, I couldn’t say the same for the Amazon Basics Lightning Cable, so this Noot cable has a 2 advantages over the Amazon Basics lightning cable, one is that it has a smaller plug head for your Lightning interface and two is that it is less expensive.

At $9.99 on Amazon, the Noot 3 foot Lightning USB Cable is cheaper than every other Lightning cable I have previously purchased which makes it a thumbs up and a great buy if you need spare lightning charging cables.

Here is my video unboxing and video review of the Noot USB Lightning Cable

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