Go to Hell Dave Preview – An Old School Point and Click Game Now on Steam Greenlight



Having always been a fan of point-and-click games such as the Sam & Max series of games made by Telltale Games, Falchion Games provides that itch of wanting to play those type of games with their new game “Go to Hell Dave.” I spoke with Lead Designer Alex “North” Byrom about this game a month ago and I was told that this game is going to appeal to those who enjoy a good comedy and love British humor.

The game takes place in one of the many circles (or as in this game “floors”) of Hell where players will be able to control the titular character Dave. How did Dave get himself in Hell anyway? Well Dave was taking a joy ride one day with his girlfriend Sharon when suddenly he smashed his car into a lamp-post. Dave awakens at the gates of Hell to discover that Sharon is nowhere to been seen and Hell isn’t quite what he expected it to be.

From there our adventure starts as Dave travels throughout the nine floors of Hell trying to do everything he can to get back his love. The game features a voice-over cast of incredible characters of which you can interact with. As of this time you can find the game over at Steam Greenlight and give it a go. Be sure to vote for it and look out for it later this year, LINK HERE!

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