GoPro Hero 12 Detailed Review: Is this Latest Model of the Famous Sports Camera Worth Investing In?

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GoPro cameras were extremely popular a few years ago. One of the main reasons was because they became the best for extreme athletes. With all of this, I don’t mean that the GoPro isn’t still popular, but honestly, people aren’t talking about their cameras right now. Their cameras are still popular among athletes, so it’s likely that many people don’t know how amazing they’ve become compared to 10-5 years ago.

In September 2023, GoPro launched its twelfth model, which continues to maintain the best technology and certainly at an affordable value, considering that the quality of its cameras is still for a price under $500. The GoPro isn’t just limited to athletes; It can be used by anyone. Some of its features allow you to adjust the recording angle, such as adjusting for the social media format.

Video Quality

The GoPro Hero 12 offers a maximum video quality of 5.3K/60fps (156° wide field of view), which is insane that not just any camera can achieve. 5.3K is 665% more than 1080p, so the recording quality is unbeatable and while there aren’t many improvements, there shouldn’t be any in terms of video quality. The GoPro Hero 12 can take pictures in 27MP. Probably one of their best exclusives is the ability to turn on enhanced HDR during videos, which gives them an even more professional look without the need for post-recording edits. Its stabilization has also improved over the previous model, but the Hero 11 is still a great sports camera.

As has been well known, GoPro cameras can work underwater and deliver professional footage without any effort. You don’t need to add a special case or anything like that; Just dive underwater with it and you’ll be able to record the aquatic world at depths of up to 10 meters. There aren’t many improvements in this regard; both the Hero 11 and Hero 12 offer amazing video recordings, but there are some differences in how they interpret colors. You will get a professional result in each of your videos.

The GoPro Hero 12 is also designed to withstand extreme temperatures, making it perfect for filming during the cold winter. There are plenty of amazing activities you can do during the winter, so you can ski, ice skate, or just explore your city while the GoPro takes care of recording spectacular memories in 5.3K quality. The GoPro is also used by content creators, so if you plan to shoot during the winter, you may have a lot of problems if you plan to use a cell phone or even a conventional camera; The GoPro Hero 12 is designed to withstand super low temperatures.

Another notable improvement is the improvement of night recordings. Now you’ll be able to record the rotation of the stars on earth, which is just incredible. You’ll also be able to create a similar result in cities with high traffic; Simply, the possibilities of night recordings have increased significantly by providing new improvements. GoPro has also improved battery life, providing up to twice the battery life compared to the Hero 11. This is mainly due to better system optimization, thus avoiding excessive battery consumption. Better performance and battery saver so you can record more!

So, is it worth it?

All these features are amazing, and I can only tell you that the GoPro Hero 12 is worth it, if you don’t have the Hero 11. This is the best GoPro now and for the price at which it is available, it is simply a smart purchase that will allow you to get professional recordings with a high-end portable camera. GoPro has added some interesting features, such as the ability to adapt to the social media format, which means it’s no longer a sports camera-only one.

There aren’t many improvements compared to the previous model, but if you haven’t owned a GoPro, then those small improvements are worth it, and you’ll be able to appreciate them more. None of the traditional cameras can record underwater, with the GoPro Hero 12 you can dive up to 10 meters deep and get professional recordings that will look great on your favorite social networks.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.