Have Your Own Wi-Fi Hotspot with Internet on The Go

Have you ever gone someplace, and discovered you left your phone at home? Do you even own a cell phone? I don’t, but I do have several tablets and devices that rely on Wi-Fi in order to communicate with the outside world.

Sadly when I need one the most, I usually have to hunt down a local hot spot, and there are times when they are not close by. It is at those times when disaster strikes and I find myself in need. Like, I have to know if I was supposed to get 2% or whole milk.

Flat tires, accidents, or some other emergency never comes when you are safely parked inside of a Wi-Fi hotspot, so why not carry one with you? It’s easier than you might think, however, the choices are not always affordable.

Of the 3 leading wireless service providers, all charge about the same, $30-$50 every month, and they expect you to commit to them for at least 2 years or you can pay close to $400.00 just to buy the hotspot.

I looked into that and said there has to be something else. I was surprised to learn that there is, and it is more affordable than you might think. Internet on The Go.


I got mine at Wal-Mart for just about $80.00, and the service plans are designed around you. Plans start as low as $10.00 a month for 500MB of bandwidth, and go up to $45.00

Now for the really good part, unlike the big over priced companies, the bandwidth does not expire just because the 30 days is done. Yes, If it takes you a year to use up 500MB of data, it is good for a year. That’s right, your money can work for you instead of against you.

Now for the speeds, it really depends upon where you live. I live out in the country. Cell phones sometimes don’t work out here as the closest towers are 10 miles away at least. So out here, my speeds run on the low side of 100k. In town, I faired better with speeds above 500k in most areas, and some above 700k. The device is a 3G device, and can get speeds up to 1.5mb.

No, it won’t win any speed tests, but who knows, where you live, there may be more towers, and therefore your speeds may be much higher than mine. For me, having the ability to connect when I need to in an emergency makes this a great buy. It’s about the size of a credit card, and if you want to know if your area is covered, go to the web site and check to out the map. Just enter your address, and you will know in an instant. So don’t waste any more time hunting for a hotspot, be the Hotspot.

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