October Contest: Win the Video Game of Your Choice

That’s right this is a video game contest not giveaway this time, as part of testing the new Gleam.io platform I decided to offer my readers a contest instead of a giveaway.  A contest means that the winner will be the person who collects the most entries, it will not be a random draw and Gleam.io will collect all of the entries.  Make sure you leverage the refer a friend entry option which is your best way of collecting referral entries and the come back and visit every day.

Enter to Win the October Video Game Contest

Win a Video Game of Your Choice


Let us know in the comments which video game you want to win and for which platform should you be the one who gets the most entries!  Also, I want some feedback about what you think of the Gleam.io platform which is hosting the giveaway, let me know if you felt the entry methods were easy and visual appeal…etc.  I want feedback about the Gleam contest/giveaway platform and to know what my readers think of it.

Good luck to all who enter and remember, the winner is the one who gets the most entries this time, so share and promote your heart out and good luck to all who enter.

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