Havit MS672 Gaming Mouse Review

I ordered the Havit MS672 off of Amazon for around $10 last month, and so far, so good. Here’s why and you can also check out my video showcase:


One of the very first things that jumped at me was the price. I had just placed my order for my keyboard, also from Havit, and this was a recommended product. Now, I’m not necessarily saying gaming peripherals are  expensive, but for $10, I had to see it for myself.



When I first got the package in, which was only two days after ordering, I immediately was impressed at how well made this was. It isn’t the heaviest mouse I’ve come across, but it still has solid feel to it. Much better than almost any factory mouse you may have. It has that solid feel to it, which is something I mention a lot. You’re able to tell the difference between a gaming mouse, and factory. A factory mouse has almost an empty feel to it. The texture is very smooth, and the responsiveness of your clicks are something impressive. You have your left and right clicks, two buttons located on the side that can be programmed, scroll wheel, and DPI button that allows you to change mouse speed with the click of, well, a button. Bad dum dum, tsss. The mouse itself has a vein look running through it, in which the colors pour through. It’s very edgy, with multiple grooves and indention’s, so it looks pretty sweet. Check out some pictures below!




This isn’t a blow-you-out-of-the-water mouse by any means, but it was not meant to be at this price range. Feature wise, about the only thing that my stand out to you is the very soft, multi-color strobe effect which is showcased below in the unboxing video. The keys are not programmable. Havit does however have multiple other gaming mouses with programmable buttons.

All in all, this is a very affordable gaming mouse. Even though it is only ten bucks don’t let the price fool ya, it will still be 10x more responsive and more awesome than your factory mouse. The only thing I can truly complain about is that there wasn’t any added extra weights to add to that more solid feel. That’s personal preference however. The keys aren’t programmable, but that’s okay, I don’t need to program them anyways! Click this link to buy one right now! Thanks guys, see ya later!

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