New HAWKEN Mech Announced at PAX East

Adhesive Games and Meteor Entertainment had quite a booth presence at PAX East 2013. Little did HAWKEN fans know that the team’s visit to PAX meant more than just an opportunity to show off the game’s current capabilities. Those who have kept up to date with the producer letters are probably aware of the developers’ pledge to release at least one mech a month. So far, the latest additions to the lineup have been the Reaper which is a featherweight long distance sniper, and the Raider which is a middleweight close distance fighter. Following the pattern, many assumed that the new mech would be a C-class, which is the game’s version of a heavyweight. After much speculation by the fans, Producer Paul Loynd finally decided to reveal the answer in an interview with Curse Entertainment.

Meet the Technician

The Technician is a mech that will completely change the dynamics of the game. For the first time ever a pilot will be equipped with a weapon that is meant to heal fellow mechs as opposed to destroy them. Little is known how rugged a class this fella is going to be but it is very obvious what a major asset it will become in terms of teamplay. What has been confirmed so far is that it will sport the following equipment and abilities.

  • Primary Weapon: Modded SMC
    • Delivers up to a -15% damage debuff on enemy pilots.
  • Secondary Weapon: Nanobot Rifle
    • Fires a barrage of nanobots on allies that repairs their sustained damage.

It is quite clear how the Technician will help cover the weaknesses of each class currently in HAWKEN especially C-classes. At the moment, new players often struggle learning how to play with these big boys due to their lack of speed. This has resulted in more experienced players employing what has affectionately become known as Fat Ninja Style. While becoming more agile and finding better battle positions is definitely a good thing, the C-class’ ability to tank damage is small and can be taken away with a well-planned alpha strike. With a Technician following right behind, a mech like the Brawler can wreak even more havoc and sledgehammer through enemy lines. With its Turret Ability, the Brawler could possibly hunker down and defend key points of interest alongside a Technician during a long duration of a match.

We will continue to keep a close eye on the speqs of this game-changing mech and release them the moment they are available. So tell us readers, what class of mech do you hope the Technician will be?

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