Free Space on Kindle Fire with Clean Master

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If you have an 8GB Kindle Fire (1st or 2nd generation) or a Kindle Fire HD and it only has 8GB or even 16GB of space then you may find out that it quickly fills up, this is especially true after you start adding applications and games, using them frequently as well as storing media files on your Kindle Fire device.

clean master kindle fire app (2)

You may be quite familiar with this message on the Kindle Fire when you are low on space.


Fortunately there is a great free application to clear space on Kindle Fire devices called Clean Master.

Free Kindle Fire Space

Clean Master once installed has four simple buttons that greet you at the opening of the application.  These are the various methods you can clean your Kindle Fire device space and free up more space on your Kindle Fire.


Clear Kindle Fire App Cache with History

Many applications you install have “cache” associated with it, these can be stored offline articles for news apps, game cache and more.  Clicking the History button will go through all history and cache and show you what you can flush and how much Kindle fire space you can free up.

cleanmaster (2)

You can see by the above screenshot, I had 691MB of cache that could be cleaned up, this would free up nearly 1GB of space on my 8GB Kindle Fire. 

cleanmaster (3)

There is also a Residual Files tab, this is how you remove unused Kindle Fire files. This is more valuable to those who manually move files between the PC and Kindle Fire and often leave files left untouched for long periods of time but it is worth looking at as some apps can improperly leave orphaned files on the Kindle Fire.  Note, some installer files leave app packages and this version of Clean Master combined Remove Unused Files, Remove Kindle App Packages and Clean Cache into the one History button with the 2 tabs.

Kindle Fire App Leftovers

cleanmaster (4)

On the residual files tab you can see the app leftovers, which are installer package remains for applications as well as your big files (media files that you may want to clean up).  There are sometimes ads stored as well that you could clean out.  I had 1.23GB of residual files to clean up, though in my case I left the movie files for my kids, I did clean out all left over app packages.


Kindle Fire Privacy Clean Up

The privacy button goes and cleans up all searches, browsing history and more to help wipe your usage patterns and history off the Kindle Fire.  This is more for removing activity and clearing up history than for clearing up disk space however.


Kindle Fire App Manager

The latest version of Clean Master now also includes an app manager, this app manager lets you easily see which apps take up the most space and uninstall them.  You also have a backup option as well.

cleanmaster (6)

Clean out Kindle Fire Tasks

Finally there is a Tasks button which allows you to clean out Kindle Fire Tasks, these are tasks that run in the background of your Kindle Fire and each one is consuming memory and resources from your Kindle Fire.  Clearing your tasks will make your Kindle Fire more responsive and free up some of the space that is consumed by those tasks.

cleanmaster (7)

In Summary

I use the Clean Master Kindle Fire app often on my kids Kindle Fire devices to help keep them clean from wasted file space and there is no better app that I have found to free up Kindle Fire space than Clean Master.  Download Clean Master now free from the Amazon Android App Store.

This article was updated and nearly re-written to include showcasing the newer version of Clean Master which was released in the Amazon Android App store just a few days after the original review.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.