Helium Comedy Club: My A-Mewes-Ing Experience with Jason Mewes

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Comedy is one of my favorite genres of entertainment that comes in many forms. Movies, TV and even Books. However, I appreciate seeing someone tell their story when it comes to a comedian. I have attended several comedy clubs here in Indianapolis ranging from Morty’s Comedy Joint to Cracker’s Comedy Club in Broad Ripple. Helium Comedy Club is the newest of these type of clubs that just recently opened seven weeks ago at the beginning of March. I was invited out to Helium here in Indianapolis to attend Jason Mewes new comedy tour “Jay Mewes and His A-Mewes-Ing Experiences” to not only check out his new tour but also to get a look first hand out Helium’s newest club in Downtown Indianapolis.

The main lobby of Helium Comedy Club in Downtown Indianapolis. Notice the illuminated stairway that leads to the upper bar and Skybox. The wall on the left is full of framed Tweets of many of the Club’s former guests.

First, I want to start with the club itself. Helium Comedy Club has several other locations having started in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania in 2005, Helium has opened four other locations in cities such as St. Louis, Portland, Buffalo and with Indianapolis being the comedy club’s newest addition. Jerry Maginnis, current Manager of the Indy club on hand to help for the time being, was able to discuss with me how Helium wants to open at least two more clubs upping the total to seven, but is in no rush to open any more stating “We want to take our time with this business and establish ourselves as a premier place for comedy”

Upon first entering the comedy club which just sits right outside of Circle Center Mall, you are greeted to a check-in desk where I picked up my tickets, once you leave there you see a wall full of framed Twitter posts from all the comedians that have performed at one of Helium’s clubs something that I found very unique and I even found a Twitter status from Jason Mewes, who I would be seeing that night.


One of the framed Tweets is from that night’s guest, Jason Mewes.

Stairs illuminated to the upstairs bar which overlooks the lobby where I was treated to a special view of the Skybox, where guests can purchase a VIP experience that is private from the club floor giving a very nice overlook of the stage as well as their very own bartender that will bring you drinks and food. The club itself is very spacious and as I entered the stage and took my seat at the table it was very open and I never once felt like I was rubbing elbows with others. I was very impressed with the number of people that this club can hold and just how spread out the club was. The service I received was very top notch and never felt like I was ignored nor not waited on. The lighting wasn’t too dark and the overall vibe of the place made you feel like you were at home. I am very impressed with the overall quality of the food and the selection of the menu was very affordable.

A view of the club from the Skybox where guests can get a better view of the show and stage.

Let’s move on to the show itself. This was not my first time meeting or seeing Jason Mewes. This tour isn’t so much a stand-up routine as it is a show where you really learn about Jason and his experiences (thus the name of the show) as well as his life growing up with famous director Kevin Smith and how Kevin gave him that push that Mewes needed to help better himself as well as his career. I was able to talk with Jason just before his set. I had mentioned to him that he had been in Indianapolis before back in 2014 at Awesome Con. Jay mentioned that he recently finished wrapping his new movie “Jay & Silent Bob Reboot” where he and his family have been able to travel on the road with him while shooting the movie.


Talking backstage with Jason Mewes before his set at Helium Comedy Club in Downtown Indianapolis.
Jay signing autographs and taking photos during his Meet & Greet after the show.

When I entered the room to talk with Jason he was on Facetime with his daughter, Logan. Jay absolutely adores his daughter and you can really tell by talking with him that he is a family man. Jay and I talked about his sobriety with Jay coming up on his 9th year of being sober. I mentioned to him about doing the “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old Podcast” with him and Kevin Smith stating how he loves that show and how therapeutic it is for him in his sobriety as well as how the show helps hold him accountable. The feedback from the show has been incredible and how it has helped others maintain in their own sobriety with how going back to the old Jay can cause him to lose it all again.

The show was amazing hearing so many stories about how he met Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, Brian Johnson and the rest of the Jersey crew that have worked on numerous projects with Jay and Kevin. I really enjoyed hearing Mewes recall all the times he had with shooting Clerks as well as never thinking the movie would take off like it did. If you ever get the chance to attend this show as well as any show featuring Jay I highly recommend doing so, especially if it takes place at one of the fine Helium Comedy Clubs for an overall excellent experience.

I want to thank Helium once again for providing me the chance to attend as well as Jason Mewes for giving me some of his time to talk. If you are interested in attending a show in one of the cities Helium is at, please head over to www.heliumcomedy.com for a list of shows in a city near you.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.