xFyro ARIA Wireless Earbuds Review

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A couple of months ago, I had covered an article on the xFyro ARIA waterproof earbuds which were booming on Indiegogo. If you haven’t checked that article out yet, click here.  This is my follow up review for the previous article after using the earbuds for more than a month.

Box Contents

Inside the box, you get a pair of the xFyro ARIA earbuds, a magnetic charging case, two pairs of ear tips, two pairs of ear wings(one attached to the earbuds), a Micro-USB charging cable and a user manual.


The xFyro ARIA has quite a minimalistic design. Apart from the shape of the ear wings, they probably look like any other true wireless earphones. But I prefer the simplistic design of these earbuds. The earbuds are made of ABS plastic but in no way do they feel cheap. The earbuds have a matte finish which I am absolutely loving. While the earbuds have a matte type of finish, the two buttons provided on each side of the earbuds have a glossy finish. The buttons work by either tapping or by holding the tap. To power on the earbuds, hold both the buttons for a few seconds. You will hear an audio prompt which will notify you that the earbuds are on. Once connected, while listening to songs, you can double tap the right earbud to pause the song. Tapping either the left or the right button will resume the paused song. To increase the volume, tap the right button once and to decrease the volume, tap the left button. Holding the right button for two seconds will play the next song while holding the left button will play the previous song. While I was able to skip to the next song, I wasn’t able to play the previous song. The audio player always ended up playing the current song from the start. Double tapping the left earbud will launch the voice assistant. So you can choose either Google, Siri, Bixy or even Alexa depending on your phone. The holes for the charging pin connector can be found on the back of the earbuds. There are two LED indicators, one on each side of the earbuds which shows the connectivity status of the earbuds.

Moving on to the case, the case is circular and quite compact. It is quite portable and should basically fit in any pocket. The case is made of plastic as well and has a soft finish. The lid of the case is magnetic so that the case stays closed and prevents the earbuds from falling. Even while the lid is open and the earbuds are facing at a downward position, they do not fall off unless extreme force is applied. The whole case has a single power button which is responsible for charging the earbuds.

There are 4 LED indicators on the case which gives you an approximate idea of the battery percentage. While the earbuds are charging, the LED indicators of the earbuds turn red and turn off once they are fully charged. xFyro opted for a Micro-USB port for the ARIA earbuds. A type-C would have been appreciated, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.


Talking about the comfort and fit of the earbuds, they fit perfectly in my ears and seal them which provides passive noise isolation. The earbuds stay in one place and I haven’t had any issues of them falling off during my workout sessions. While they fit well in my ears, the ear wings are a major problem. I can’t seem to wear the earbuds for more than 45 minutes in a single go. My ear starts paining due to the weird pointy structure of the ear wings. I have to tilt them a bit to relieve some pressure off my ears before I can wear them properly again. I did try the extra pair of ear wing that came with the earbuds but that didn’t solve my issue. Now, this might not be an issue for you depending on how they fit in your ears, but one might be better off removing the ear wings if they are causing too much trouble.

Sound Quality

I have been using the xFyro ARIA earbuds for more than a month now. So far, I am pretty happy with how these earbuds sound. The earbuds are quite balanced across all sound stages. The bass and the mid tones are quite good while the treble lacks some punch. The volume is quite good considering that these are true wireless earbuds. They are nowhere as loud as wired earphones, but they are loud enough to get the job done. One strange thing that happened to me was that after the first day of using the earbuds, on the second day, the volume of the audio felt too low as compared to the previous day. Even on full volume, I could barely listen to a song. It was quite strange but after not using the earbuds for a week, that issue was fixed. Probably an issue with my pair but had to write it down here. Overall, the earbuds sound quite good. The microphone quality is quite decent. The earbud comes with CVC noise isolation technology.

Battery Life

xFyro claims that the ARIA earbuds provide a battery life of 8 hours on a full charge and another 24 hours of juice with the charging case. This might be true if you are listening on volume below 50%. During my listening sessions, I tend to listen to my music at 80% or above. With this, I got an average battery life of around 5-6 hours on a full charge. This itself should be good enough for an average user, but the annoying part comes when the battery drops below 30%.  You get this battery low audio message every few seconds which disrupt my listening session. Update: xFyro said that they will fix this issue (hopefully in their next batch) so that the earbuds will alert you with the “low battery” prompt only when the battery drops below 5% and 1%. Another thing that I have noticed is that the battery of the right earbud dies quite earlier than the left earbud. Thanks to the quick charge feature, I almost never have any problems with my earbuds battery dying on me as a quick 15 minutes charge gives 3 hours of listening time.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The ARIA earbuds are paired with Bluetooth 5 technology which is the latest in the market. The earbuds disconnect automatically when you put them in your case. When you remove them, by the time you wear the earbuds, they get paired with your phone automatically. The active Bluetooth range is 10m, which is expected from most Bluetooth earphones. In rare cases, I have had problems where after removing them from the case, the earbuds would pair to my phone but I was not able to listen to any audio. Restarting the earbuds fixes the issue but this is something that has happened to me twice or thrice.


The xFyro ARIA earbuds come with an IP67 rating. This means that the earbuds are completely waterproof and dustproof. While these maybe waterproof, don’t expect to take these earbuds to an underwater swim as the earbuds might be waterproof, but you will lose Bluetooth connectivity underwater. But you can easily use the earbuds without any worry under conditions such as rains, or if you sweat a lot at the gym.  Notice that while the earbuds are waterproof, the case isn’t. So you might need to worry about the case. It can handle a few water splashes here and there but don’t go dropping it underwater.


The xFyro ARIA comes with great battery life, is waterproof, has more than decent volume considering that these are a pair of truly wireless earbuds. While the audio quality lacks a bit in situations with high treble, the earbuds still sound good to me. The only thing that I didn’t like about these earbuds is that I can’t wear them for longer periods of time due to the pressure caused by the ear wings. As I mentioned earlier, this might not be a problem for you. These earbuds may not be for the audiophiles out there but if you want a true wireless earbud with good enough audio quality and with good features at a decent price, then you may consider getting a pair of these. Currently, they are on sale on Indiegogo and you can get one for $109. Click here for more information on the xFyro ARIA earbuds.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.