How to Come Up With Original Blog Content

One of the hardest parts about running a website is having enough content to consistently publish. Being able to consistently publish content has a lot of positive benefits such as increasing your SEO, attracting new readers, and improving the credibility of your site. However, even with those great benefits, writer’s block happens to all of us. You sit at your screen and start to blank about what to write about even though you know your industry well. If you’re struggling, here are some ideas to get the ball rolling on your content so you never blank out again.

Write out the pain points of your audience

If you’ve been working in your industry for a good length of time, you know exactly what people struggle with. Break each of these down into the smallest chunks you can. For example, if you were a personal trainer you know that diet is a huge struggle for people, but just writing “diet” isn’t specific enough.

Under “diet” you could write:

  • What to eat for breakfast
  • What to do with late-night sugar cravings
  • How to eat out without gaining weight
  • Lowest calorie options at fast food restaurants

This will give you far more content to work with down the line than just knowing that your clients need diet help but not getting specific enough.

Step up your copywriting skills

Copywriting is the art of persuasion. When you study copywriting, you know how to grab attention and what gets people to be interested in something. This will not only help you with your sales down the line, but it will also help you know what content is going to interest your audience the most and get them to read your work.

Keep track of your audience comments

You can get so much gold from the comments on your social media, YouTube channel, and blog posts. If your customers want to know more about something, they’ll often leave comments with specifics on what they want to know. You should also frequently ask your audience what they want to know, which will give you a ton of content ideas down the line.

Google search suggestions

If you google questions in your industry or niche, Google will give you suggestions on what people are searching for and can give you insight into what kinds of answers and content people are looking for. You can also do keyword research or take a digital marketing course to learn how to utilize this type of information.


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