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Jackie is a writer out of Denver, Colorado with a never-ending passion for good TV shows, gadgets, and old-school video games. Compensation Area of Interest I've been writing articles online for over 8 years, but I'd like to start getting into the review world. I love, love, love TV shows and gadgets.

LAZZO Double Camping Hammock Review

Anyone who lives near the mountains or loves to explore the great outdoors appreciates a hammock. When you have a hammock, you can simply pitch it up between two sturdy placeholders and sit in it until your heart's content. LAZZO reached out to have us test their 4-part hammock set, and I was happy to [...]

Raynic White Noise Sound Machine Review

If you live anywhere with constant noise all around you, or you just simply enjoy the sounds of nature, few things beat a sound machine. Raynic reached out to see if we wanted to test their white noise and sound machine, which I was happy to try out! I live in an apartment building with [...]

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Another Look at Depositphotos for Stock Images

If you blog or create content for the internet, you know how important stock photos are for you to pull from. While there are a ton of free sites out there, for the most part, the images are not always of the highest quality. The last thing you want to do with a top-notch blog [...]

Get Tailored News Sent to You With The Factual

With the world becoming more and more digital, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Every single day, more news articles and videos are published than anyone could possibly keep up with. At the same time, it’s essential to stay informed about what’s happening in the world. But it seems like every news site has some bias and [...]

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Bluenin TWS Wireless Earbuds T30 Review

Having earphones on the go without the unnecessary cords makes life so much easier. When you're able to move freely without worrying your headphones are going to catch on something, or even worse dealing with a tangled mess of wires, you're able to move through life faster. Bluenin reached out to have their T30 wireless [...]

Mixcder E10 Headphone Review

Through the years of writing for Dragonblogger, I've reviewed a handful of MixCDer products. Both the E9 and the MS301 were both great and I still use them both to this day, so I was happy to get a chance to review the newest model: the E10. Overall, these headphones have incredible sound quality but [...]

Want to Create an Indie Video Game? How to Find Resources to Help

Now more than ever, it's possible to become an indie game developer. With things like Kickstarter and other fundraising options that were not available in the past, anyone who has a passion for gaming can find their way into the industry with a little persistence. If becoming an indie game creator is something that interests [...]

Looking for a Job in the Video Game Industry

Out of all the industries where jobs are currently available, the video game industry one of the most desired for a lot of people. To be able to create games and bring them to life on a regular basis is a dream for a lot of people, and you don't only need to know graphic [...]

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Cougar Havoc Gaming Earbuds Review

Gaming headsets are traditionally big and bulky, but more and more companies are coming out with smaller sets so you don't have to use such a big set. Cougar released these wired Cougar Havoc gaming earbuds and reached out for a review, which I was happy to jump on since I've been gaming more often. [...]

INEVIFIT Eros Smart Body Composition Scale Review

With the new year here, it's important to measure your stats so you can see if your hard work is paying off. One way to do that is with a smart scale that can track all of the information you need to know. The Eros smart body scale tracks 13 different metrics and comes with [...]

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Naipo Leg Compression Massager with Heat Review

Anyone who sits a lot during the day or exercises heavily knows how painful muscle soreness can be. This leg compression massager from Naipo can be used on your calves, feet, thighs, or arms for compression to ease any pain. You often see compression therapy in the form of something like compression socks, but it [...]

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Overview off the Geekee TWS Earbuds

Anyone who uses earbuds has quickly learned the benefits of being cordless. When you don't have cords always holding you back, you're able to move freely. These true wireless earbuds (TWS) from Geekee are a great option for anyone who likes to workout or enjoys having the freedom of no cords on the go. Here's [...]

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