1829 Carl Schmidt Sohn Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Review

With so many home appliances on the market, it’s hard to have the counter space to fit them all. That’s why when this company reached out to have their all-in-one multicooker / air fryer / pressure cooker reviewed, I was happy to take it on and give it a spin. Currently, my counters are full of appliances that only do one or two things, so the idea of an appliance that can condense them all into one was certainly intriguing.
Overall, I’m really happy with this multicooker, as the list of things they can do is long and the cooking was solid. It wasn’t able to replace every single appliance, but with 21 different cooking options it got close. Let’s break it down so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you.
air fryer

An overview of the 1829 Carl Schmidt Sohn Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer

The first thing you need to know about this appliance is all of the options it can give you in the kitchen. This is not just an air fryer and a pressure cooker, it’s actually 21 appliances in one, giving you a wide range of options without taking up your entire kitchen.
Here’s what each of the options includes:
Soft-touch panel with 14 presets: poultry, meat stew, soup, rice, pressure cooker, slow cooker, saute, egg, cake, yogurt, and more.
The LED touch-screen offers 7 different presets for air frying: fries, shrimp, fish, pizza, steak, BBQ, and chicken leg.
The  6.5QT 1829 Carl Schmidt Sohn pressure cooker and air fryer also comes with multiple recipes in a pamphlet to make it even easier to use.

Using this appliance

Set up was pretty simple! I’d highly encourage anyone to read the instructions carefully, especially before you use the pressure cooking option, just to be extra safe.
Mentioning safety, there are a few built-in options inside the pressure cooker to make sure you get the safest experience. One thing is that the air fryer turns off immediately if you lift the lid and another is that the pressure cooker will immediately stop if it senses too much pressure. There is also built-in overheat protection which will turn it off if it gets too hot.
I tested most of the options on this appliance and was impressed with all of them. My favorite by far is the air fryer, because it’s so easy to use and makes the food taste incredible.
The LED touch-screen isn’t the most touch-sensitive, but it was clear and easy to use for the most part.
I’ll include some of my photos so you can get an idea of how it cooks:
air fryer
air fryer

Pros and cons

One of the cons I noticed in this appliance was when you’re air frying, you have to hold the heavy lid up to take the food out with the other hand. Some air fryers out there have options of slide-out drawers or other things to not make it such a big deal to get your food out.
The wire basket also isn’t too easy to clean, you have to either use a wire brush or put it in a dishwasher if you have one that can handle heavy grease.
Those were mostly the biggest drawbacks for me, but overall I love my food that comes out of it. It was easy to use, set up, and get cooking, which is always a huge plus in my book.
  • 21 in 1 cooking options
  • Comes with air fryer lid and pressure lid
  • Lid-off protection
  • Fry basket and roast rack

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it. All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.

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