HOMIEE 720P Baby Monitor Review

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Keeping your baby safe is a top concern for most parents, and few things help as much as a baby monitor. HOMIEE reached out to have me thoroughly test their HOMIEE 720P baby monitor. As most of the other products I’ve tested from this company, this baby monitor is top-notch and one that I would highly recommend to most people. It’s incredibly user friendly, easy to set up, and the camera quality is clear. Let’s break down how it works and what you’ll need to know if you’re considering getting it for your baby.

Opening the HOMIEE baby monitor

As soon as you open the box for the baby monitor, you’ll see all the parts, which include:

  • Monitor
  • Camera
  • Camera mount
  • user manual
  • AC power adapter (x2)
  • Micro-USB power cable (x2)
  • Mount kit
  • Support card

As soon as I plugged everything in, they were ready to go. Some baby monitors I’ve tested through the years need set ups to WiFi/internet or through an external app which can take some time. There’s a 1,000 foot range between the monitor and the camera, giving you the ability to walk around anywhere in your house without worrying about losing connection.

The camera on the HOMIEE baby monitor

The camera on the HOMIEE baby monitor is quality and one of the better cameras I’ve seen on a baby monitor. You also have the ability to pair multiple cameras (up to four) to the same monitor so you can get a full view of your baby or other areas in your house. You can turn it in a full 360° to get a clear view of the whole room, which is not something offered on all baby monitors. There’s also 2x zoom which still remains clear while you zoom

The night vision on this camera is also incredibly clear, which is not easy to do. It doesn’t have a strong red glow for the night vision camera, unlike some other baby monitors on the market.

The monitor and settings

It takes about four hours for the camera to be fully charged. Once it is, you’re free to carry it around without needing to worry about staying close to an outlet. From the monitor, you can also play different lullabies, put it inso sleep mode, or change the internal settings. You can also create sound, feeding and temperature alarms.

If your baby starts crying and your camera is in standby mode, it will wake up the monitor to alert you to the noise. That way, you never miss when your baby is upset. This also gives you the ability to dim your monitor at night without worry so you can sleep peacefully but also not miss any problems with your baby.

Overall Review: 9.6/10

Ease up setup: 10/10

Camera quality: 9/10

Monitor alarms: 10/10

Ease of use: 10/10

Range of motion: 9/10

Video review


  • 5″ large LCD display
  • 720P sharp image
  • Two way talk
  • Create sound, feeding and temperature alarms
  • 5 soothing lullabies
  • 360° viewing
  • 1000 foot range
  • Wall mount provided


Disclaimer: I received this product for free for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it. All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.