Are Robot Mops A Valuable Addition To Your Smart Home?

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Let’s be honest; there aren’t that many people in the world who genuinely enjoy cleaning. And it’s no surprise, taking on tasks like mopping doesn’t just disrupt your day; it can be bad for your health too.

In today’s age, people struggling with back problems or other health issues, don’t want to be swinging a mop around.

And for this reason, robot mops can be very beneficial by taking the load off.

Keep reading to find how robot mops work and why you need one in your life! What Is A Robot Mop And How Does It Work?

A robot mop is a small automated device designed to help you with your cleaning.  The robot uses an array of sensors which help it navigate through your home. Robot mops can be controlled using an app or the button on the device. Once you select a cleaning mode, the robot mop will set off on its cleaning journey. They start by spraying the floor with water directly in front of it using its precision jets. The robot then makes its way over the wet patch and uses its mop head to scrub the floor.  Some robot mops will even vacuum any access water to ensure you’re left with no streaks. That’s just a basic run-through of what smart mops are and how they work. Now it’s time to explain what you should be looking out for.

Robot Mop Buying Guide

No robot mop is the same; they all come with different features and with different styles.

This section will shed some light on the most important things to think about:

Cleaning Modes

Each robot mop will have a couple of cleaning modes it can complete. This can be things like dry mopping, vacuuming, or wet mopping, which gives you multiple cleaning options to ensure your home is spotless.

Battery Life

A large house takes a lot of cleaning, which is why battery life is so important. You don’t want to get back to a half clean house. Make sure you check out what the run time the robot mop has for the best results.

Smart Navigation

All robot mops have some sort of navigation, but not all of them have smart navigation. Smart navigation allows the robot to map each room of the house. This means you can choose which room needs mopping and when.


This feature is just as important as battery life. When your robot starts to run low on battery, it will automatically make its way back to the charging station. When the robot is charged back up, it will begin cleaning again.


Sometimes a room doesn’t need mopping, which means your robot needs to know this. Setting boundaries stops the robot from going places it shouldn’t. This prevents you from mopping carpets, rugs, or anything else that shouldn’t be mopped.

Cleaning Techniques

Robot mops can go about their business using a range of cleaning techniques. This is usually automatically adjusted depending on the level of dirt or the cleaning task it’s taking on.

Recommended Robot Mops

When it comes to robot mops, there seem to be three brands that are leading the charge. Let’s take a quick look at them.

iRobot This is one of the most intelligent brands on the market, but it does come with an extra cost.

You can set schedules for the iRobot mop to follow using the app or Alexa voice assistant.

The mops use smart navigation, which means they can map each room and can be set to clean specific areas.

One of the most significant benefits with iRobot is their ability to work hand in hand with their robotic hoover range.

iLife is the budget robot mop, but don’t let the low price fool you; it’s still a very efficient cleaning machine.

It uses a microfiber pad at the bottom of the mop to help scrub any grim and a rubber scraper at the back to clean any excess water.

The most significant advantage with this mop is the hoover combined with it; it sucks up any dirty water, so the floor is left spotless with zero streaks.

Roborock has made a name for itself for being a multi-use robotic cleaner. This robot mop features a 2000Pa vacuum that can clean any dirt put before it.

Once the hovering has finished, you can set the robotic cleaner on a mopping journey. Meaning you can leave the cleaning to one robot.

Overall, Roborock features six cleaning settings and can be turned down, so it runs more quietly, not bad for a budget robot, eh?

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking to free up some spare time, a great option is to get a Robotic cleaner. They won’t completely replace manual cleaning, but it does take a load off.

Make sure you check for features that will make your life easier. There’s plenty out there; it’s just finding what works for you.

Out of the three robot mops above, iRobot seems to be the most popular. However that doesn’t mean the others should be scoffed at.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.