HP Decides webOS as an Open Source Project, Coming Soon on Future Mobile Devices

HP, one of the oldest and the largest PC manufacturer has been one of the worst effected companies during the Apple iPad reign. The brand which was known for its reliable and trustworthy devices, has been in a state of dilemma regarding its current as well as future products, including its proprietary operating system, the HP webOS.

As most of you already know, HP has recently discontinued the company’s first tablet, the Touchpad, along with some of the mobile devices that have been running on the webOS. As the iPad popularity spread across the globe, the company had to suffer huge amounts of losses, with people preferring an iPad rather than a regular laptop. But the sudden decision of HP, was not only a discouraging one, but also a poor decision, considering the fact that the webOS had all the potential to take on the iOS and was also the closest an operating system could get to, in terms of the smooth interface unlike the Android OS.

But now, after nearly quite some time of business talks within the company’s management, HP has now finally decided to revive the webOS and has decide to make it available as an open source project. The announcement was made by the newly appointed CEO, Meg Whitman, about the companies decision to unleash the operating system for the open source community to develop applications for the next generation mobile devices.

HP has also promised to continue supporting the development of the mobile platform, and also welcomes inputs and suggestion from developers and users on their HP webOS blog. The company also hints about a possibility for a Samsung or a HTC mobile phone to come out with the webOS in the coming days, just like the current trend of the Androids. The decision has been welcomed by many of its users, since the software will soon be available at ease and developers will have a better prospects to create new range of applications for the mobile platform.


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