iClever BoostSound Bluetooth Speaker Review

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This is my written review for the iClever BoostSound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker which is model number IC-BTS08 as iClever has a number of Wireless Bluetooth speakers on their online store.  I have reviewed many Bluetooth speakers over the years and as of late am really interested in ones that are more powerful or have unique appearances that make them stand out.  The IC-BTS08 is a rather large rectangular Bluetooth Speaker that sports dual 10W drivers for a 20W total output.

Unboxing the iClever IC-BTS08

The speaker has black stripes on top and bottom and a red grill that wraps around the entire length of the speaker horizontally.

This speaker has 4 buttons on the top for -/<< or lower volume/previous track, Bluetooth Pairing or Answer Call, Play/Pause, and >>+ which is next track or volume increase.  You simply tap the track buttons to skip tracks and depress to increase or decrease the volume which raises or lowers at a fairly quick rate.  The back of the speaker has an on/off switch, a MicroUSB port for charging the speaker and an Aux input port which accepts a 3.5mm input for non-Bluetooth devices to output to.

Of course iClever has their brand on the red grill but overall the aesthetics of the speaker look pretty decent to me.  The speaker is also fairly heavy as a Bluetooth speaker, it’s size and weight make it not likely to be a portable speaker but one you set in your house in a room and leave it their as your primary method to play music in that room for all to hear.  I started listening to all sorts of tunes from instrumental, electronica, pop, funk, metal, rap and more over several days and this speaker does boast up to 14 hours of play time, but I came in shy of that burning the battery in about 12 hours but this could be because of very high volume tests may drain battery faster.

The music sounds really good when the speaker is set to about medium volumes, maxing out the speaker volume and you can start to get buzzy sounds in the deep bass and the speaker struggles to reproduce those deep bass sounds as it doesn’t have a subwoofer, but overall it is impressive for a speaker of this price and size.  I have reviewed more powerful Bluetooth speakers but they are double the price or higher, so I would say the sound quality is very decent for the price here from iClever.

Hear the sound test for yourself (Warning very loud volume when I start playing Music)

For functions on the speaker itself the very flat buttons on the top were extremely touch sensitive, I touched them accidentally a few times while making the video.  This is good but also bad if you want a tactile feel like you are pressing something to increase or decrease volumes.  The rubber feet on the bottom of the speaker are strong and provide a great resistance against flat surfaces, this speaker once set down will not slide or move and stays rooted pretty well on the surface you won’t have to worry about bumping it and it sliding off anywhere.  When testing distance and given there are a few walls I was only able to get about 6M instead of 10M before I got Bluetooth interference and intermittent drops in the music, so the range may not reach the advertised 40M unless you are outside and optimum position between device and speaker.

Overall I found the speaker to work out pretty well and it works for listening to audiobooks or music for the most part, if you really like to feel your music and have that deep bass frequency where you can feel the vibrations in  your bones and chest, this isn’t the speaker for you but really no Bluetooth speaker is.  Overall though this was more than serviceable and is a great speaker for a backyard party or house party.  I am comfortable awarding this a 4 Star Recommended badge.


Disclaimer:  iClever provided me with the SoundBoost Bluetooth Speaker so I could do a thorough and accurate review. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.