Impact and Benefits of Mobile Phones in a Student’s Life When Learning

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A mobile phone has become an essential component of everyone’s daily life. Cell phones are not just important for communication, but also for almost every other aspect of our lives. For students of any grade level, there are a ton of different apps available to help you study, get organized, and succeed. Education is one of the sectors that has hugely benefited from the technological advancement and usage of the smartphone.  According to surveys, over 80% of school-going young people have access to a smartphone or a tablet. In this article, we explore various ways in which mobile phones help students.

Internet Access for Information and Research Materials

The Internet has become the primary source of information for almost everyone, including students. The internet has multiple resources such as online journals, books, websites, podcasts, blogs, videos, audios, images along with a ton of other educational resources. All these sources help students when reading and researching for their assignments. Also, when revising for the exams or answering assignment questions the student can use their phones to find the answers right away. The mobility of a smartphone is an advantage over a desktop computer.

One great app for information is Khan Academy. It has thousands of educational videos and resources for students who are stuck.

Communication and Entertainment

It’s no secret that mobile phones have changed how we communicate with each other. Students use mobile phones to communicate with their peers, parents, and teachers. They can use it to check your school assignments, email teachers, text their fellow classmates and use the phones to research and complete assignments. Phones give students the ability to communicate in real time so they can get instant answers if they’re stuck. Their mobile phone can also be used as an entertainment platform for playing games, watching films and listening to music during breaks. Such activities can be relaxing for already overburdened students.

If you’re craving a relaxing break, one fun game is Pokemon Go. Sure, it requires walking but the fun part is that it’ll get you out of your routine and let you explore your town.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Students are no longer required to go to their computer lab to search for information from the internet; they can do it at their convenience while using their tablets or smartphones.  There are many learning apps and digital learning materials that they can easily purchase online through phones. Students can also access online courses, assignments, and exams that are offered by different institutions.

One great app when it comes to additional learning is Duolingo. It is a language learning app that’s incredibly simple and fun. It can also enhance your studies if you’re currently learning a language. There are also great apps to help you learn programming whether it is PHP, Python, HTML, C++ and so many more options, with apps like SoloLearn you can learn to code for free.

Prepare Students for the Future

As much as students are in school to get education, they are also trained on how to carry themselves even after finishing school. Workplaces now use technology as a way of communication and performing various tasks in their work. Allowing the student to use mobile phones in school prepares them to cope with their future careers where they will be using their phones all the time. For example, students can use their mobile phone as a planner. Nowadays people rarely use handheld planners, and the phone is used as the place where a student records all the activities they are supposed to do such as assignments, deadlines, and timetables among others.

Mobile technology helps students stay on top of all of their assignments and also help them keep in touch with the people they need to talk to. Many applications that were traditionally in a desktop such as Word , PowerPoint or Excel, are compatible with smartphones, hence a student can complete and submit their work on time anywhere they go. Students can also access online cheap essay writing service on their phones whenever they are stuck with an assignment. These services can be a lifesaver when a deadline is approaching and can help you save time.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.