Infamous 2 Review: Shockingly Good

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In Infamous 2 you reclaim the lead as the title character of Cole, otherwise known as “The Electric Man.” Once again you are in an apocalyptic city of sin with a bunch of badies running around eager to turn off your light switch.  As with the previous game you can either be a true icon of justice or a reaper of innocent souls.  Both are equally fun paths of course.  Below I will break down the various elements of the Infamous 2 experience.

Storyline With Lots of Hairpin Turns
Save the world scenarios have been so overplayed lately.  What makes Infamous 2’s take on it interesting is the great plot provided by Sucker Punch.  Just when you feel you have all the answers you are slapped with another mysterious detail in the story.  Even by the end of the game you’ll be left worrying and wondering.  Some may find this frustrating while others will enjoy the bumpy ride.  To each his own…

I spy easter eggs in that sign! (Credit: Sucker Punch)

Voice Acting that Gives You Chills
When diehard Infamous fans heard the announcement that Cole’s original voice actor was not returning, there certainly was a collective groan heard all around the globe.  Eric Ladin’s delivery of Cole takes some getting use to but you will soon come to love it or fear it.  Zeke is his same lazy self and his humor is actually bearable in this installation.  The new cast members have some delightful voice talent backing them too.  Bertrand in particular sounds like a throwback to a fanatic bayou preacher.

Environment That Goes BOOM!
The city of New Marais is just bursting with life on every corner.  Street musicians fill the air, neon lights dot the skyline, and citizens hustle along the sidewalk.  Literally anything can be picked up and thrown off the ground.  If you’re really feeling sinister you can aim for “Big Damage” points by blowing up gas tanks or throwing grenades at wooden balconies.  Its also neat that when you pass electronic shops, you will constantly get news updates from the TV with an equally believable news anchor delivering it.

Light Up Your Enemies
Combat in Infamous 2 is a wicked pleasure but still needs some kinks worked out.  Cole does feel overpowered at times or some enemies are too cumbersome to fight.  What really shines is how simply gorgeous each attack looks and how devastating each is.  Melee actually has a purpose now other than knocking shields off of protected enemies.  Crowd control has become more efficient too regardless of whether you decide to go for ice or fire powers.

Morality is Still Black and White
The morality system in Infamous 2 is still laughably easy and there are few if any grey areas.  Color coded points make a return with any red action being evil and blue actions being good.  It also will not come as much of a surprise to you that the fire powers are typically for the wicked player while the ice powers are typically for the saint-like player.  What makes the morality system more refreshing this time however, are the two allies you get to pair up with.  Kuo will get on your case for endangering civilians while Nix will be ready for roasting the populace anytime.  Hopefully Sucker Punch will consider fine-tuning its karma system in further installments and inserting a few more morally grey choices to make things less predictable.

I guess Cole is not a fan of the arts. (Credit: Sucker Punch)

User Generated Content Galore
This was the most surprisingly fun feature of the game for me.  I spent literally days putting together my first mission, due to there being so many possibilities to fool around with.  It would have been considerate of Sucker Punch to package in a tutorial with it though because the editor is definitely not newbie friendly.  If you’re willing to sit down, be patient, and learn it; you can create amazingly intricate missions to your heart’s content.  Of course you can always play other player’s UGC missions, which are just as fun to peruse through.  I just wish Sucker Punch had a filter that showed only one creator’s content.  Perhaps they can consider patching that in.

Infamous 2 is a thrill ride from start to finish.  It can standalone without any ties to its predecessor and still be considered a good game.  The best part about the Infamous franchise is its replayability naturally.  So if you decide to pick up the game, be sure to try a different morality path and see if you enjoy the results.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.