Innoo Tech ANEAR Motion Sensor LED SpotLight Review

Dark backyards or dimly lit front yards need some help illuminating the happenings outside.  Dimly lit (from an electricity stand point) product reviewers need easy solutions to light those dark blind spots around a home.


The Innoo Tech ANEAR LED Motion Sensor Spotlight has a well built LED spotlight which can easily be hung out door above your garage or over the backyard porch.  It is solidly built and is very bright.  I shined out into my backyard and it lit up about half of it.  The motion sensor is very sensitive.  With the sensor being right in the middle of the 4 LED lights.  The smallest movement of the light or an object in front of it caused the light to jump to life.

Innoo Tech ANEAR ensures your ability to mount the spotlight by providing the needed hardware.  To include the screws and the sheaths for the screws to be used to hang to the light about anywhere.  My wife and I are now debating on where to put this light or whether we just need to get another one to cover the two locations we are debating between for this one.



The spotlight is hefty especially after you put the 4 D batteries in it.  So be sure when you do mount it you do so to something very solid.  I wouldn’t hang it on some siding.  I think it needs a stud or other solid mounting place.   Once mounted you have the ability to adjust the level of the light to meet your illuminating needs.  This controls how far out you may want to light up the night or focus on a door way or front of your garage.  It will easily cover a porch, doorway, or backyard.



ANEAR Motion Sensor LED Spotlight

The light is bright and capable.  Coverage is good and should meet most needs.  The D batteries make the spotlight heavy but with thought it can be mounted safely.  And replacing them even when mounted won’t be difficult.  Life of the batteries is hard to comment on because use and quality of the battery will play a huge part in that.  I have a neighbor who has a spot light and it goes on every time I drive by and he said he is replacing the C battery every few months.  He paid over $100 for his.



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