IObit AMC Security All-in-One Security & Booster Review and Giveaway

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Ever wondered why there’s low space on your smartphone while you only have a handful of applications and other files on it? Most of the time it is because of the unnecessary logs, cache and junk files that build up and collect while using apps and games. These files if not taken care of can grow huge in size in a matter of time. Phones with massive storage capacity might not find this annoying but those who don’t have these phones with large storage capacity, space management is a major issue.
There are various applications available for smartphones both on iOS and Android which take cares of these junk files and today we’re looking at one of them called AMC Security All-in-One protector and booster. The security in the name isn’t there for no reason; it also includes an anti-virus and other various security tools.
The AMC Security application is developed by IObit who also have various other programs for a performance boost, security and other utilities which are available for all the major platform like PC, MAC, and Android smartphones. So, let’s check out what the application looks like below.

AMC Security Junk Cleaner:

This the home screen of the AMC Security app. Nothing too fancy, just a scan button along with two smaller buttons for booster and security. There’s also a dropdown menu at the top beside the AMC security text. And we can also see a number of junk files I deleted in a day. I ran the scan two times a day so if we divide the 639MB by 2 then in a single scan I deleted about 320MB of junk files. This also tells us about how quickly these files can reappear in your smartphone eating up space.  Think about this 60% of 1GB in one day, and if you only have a 16GB phone you are using quite the capacity in just 24 hours.

This is a detailed breakdown of the scan result. Most of the unnecessary files are a result of the application cache.

AMC Security Booster:

This is the booster section of the AMC application. From here you can free up your smartphone RAM by closing background and unnecessary applications.

In the booster section, you also have the Game Speeder section where you can add games to be boosted, and you can also create home screen shortcuts for the games from here.

If you click the 3 dots on the top right corner in the previous picture in the game booster section, you can see some more options here. You can set up Auto-boost which boosts the system as per the selection of when the screen goes off or after every ten minutes or so. And you can also create home screen shortcut for the booster from here to access it directly.

AMC Security Other Features:


















This is the security section where you can see multiple tools. First up is, of course, the antivirus. There are two types of scans that you can perform with the AMC Security, the fast scan which takes up a few second while Deep scan which takes up a few minutes. Also, you can manually check for virus database update from here.
Other than that, we also have anti-phishing, payment security, web security, anti-theft and security guard tools. By clicking on each tool, you can enable and disable these services.

The Anti-Theft is a great tool from IObit. To use the Anti-theft service, you’re asked to create a password/pin and connect it to your email in case you forget it or need to reset. Now let’s consider a situation where your mobile’s missing. Just pick up someone’s mobile, install the AMC application, and chose either to ring your mobile, get the location or wipe data. The application will ask for the lost mobile’s number and the password assigned to it. If you selected the Alarm button, the application would make the lost mobile ring even if it’s in silent mode. If you chose to Get location or wipe data, it would perform those functions as well. But an SMS is needed to be sent to the lost mobile for the service to happen. So, if the mobile is out of network or the SIM’s been taken out, you’re out of luck.

Now let’s head back to the home screen, select the drop-down menu from the top left corner which unveils some more features of the AMC Security application.

From the App Manager, you can see the size of an individual application and choose to remove it. You can also see if there’s any APK file residing in your smartphone that can be deleted. And just beside the Pre-installed tab, there’s a Move tab not visible in the image, from there you can see the applications that can be moved to SD card from internal/system storage.

In the Battery Saver, as the name suggests, you can use different profiles for saving battery. There are 4 pre-made profiles available while you can also create your own battery saving profile with applications and settings you want. Also, you can see the remaining battery and estimated time left, temperate and voltage of the battery while the battery capacity has a wrong reading for my mobile for some reason.

There’s also a Call/SMS Blocker service available in the AMC Security application. Most smartphones have this settings built-in but if you’re doesn’t, this is where to go.

Then there’s also the privacy locker tool which lets you set passwords to your pictures, videos, files, contacts vice versa.

The Privacy Advisor is a great feature that enables you to know if there’s a risk to your privacy from the applications installed. It tells you about the permissions you’ve given to an individual application that can put your privacy at risk like reading call logs, call durations, access to photos, etc.

And finally, we have the settings tab; here you can choose whether you want the notification bar on top which stays there permanently which is rather annoying for me, so I have it disabled at least. You can also change notification settings for various tools, the language, schedule scans, reset passwords and more.


All and all, AMC Security is a great application which it includes the much needed features that almost every smartphone owner should have. From performance boost to security issues, AMC Security has got your back. Though there is one things that could’ve been done better. It’s the theme of the application. I would like to see an improvement on the theme of the application, it seem too pale and unprofessional with a dark background.

Right now AMC Security is only available on Android platform and there are two versions of the applications; free and paid. With the free version, you get the junk files cleaner, performance booster and access to application manager, but to use the other features like Anti-Theft, SMS blocker, you’ll need to buy the application. The AMC Security license for 1 year is available for only $9.99 which seems like a good deal. But with the numerous applications available on the play store, you might be able to find some application that can perform the paid task of AMC Security for free.

I would like to rate the AMC Security from IObit a 4.5 stars and give it our recommended award.


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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.