Unbox and Review of Jabees Vintage Firefly Earbuds

The Jabees Firefly Vintage earbuds not only look cool with their bronze color design but fit in the ear well and provide excellent sound range in both the high and low frequency range. They sounded a lot better than most earbuds in this price class, and I found the design worked really well for holding them in my ears. Plus the strap that fits around the earbuds lets them fall and sit around your neck if you need to take them out. They have a wide variety of ear tips so you can get the perfect fit for your ear canal and have both touch sensitive and pressure sensitive buttons which makes it easy to pause, unpause, increase/lower volume, answer calls and more.

As I found because I typically have cold hands and fingers, touch sensitive buttons are finicky if your fingers are cold or wet, the pressure tapping works fine, but had some trouble getting my taps to register as I have colder hands and fingers and this isn’t an uncommon issue with tap sensitive earbuds which need a warm finger to detect a touch properly.

The contact pins charge the earbuds when you drop them in the case, the earbuds can only be placed in the case one way correctly so that they charge and fit well with the case closing. The place in the case with the earbud sticks facing down and away from the case.

Overall they are a fantastic pair of earbuds and the color stands out and makes them look metal when they are not. The sound quality was very good and better than many small TWS earbuds I have reviewed, particularly was happy in the bass frequency range. The touch buttons had some difficulty registering my presses and taps but this is not uncommon with my hands and cold fingers and as I see this with other brand earbuds that have touch sensitive buttons not holding it against Jabees here.

You can pick up these excellent earbuds from Amazon

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