JVC HARX500 Full-Size High-Quality Headphone

For $21.45 on Walmart.com right now you can get the JVC HARX500 headphones which is a fantastic deal for JVC headphones.

Enjoy your favorite songs, audiobooks, podcasts and more in near perfect audio clarity with these JVC HARX500 Full-Size High-Quality Headphones. They are specially designed with a soft cushioned headband that features a twist-action structure that allows you to listen to music in comfort without hurting your ears like most earbud style models. The JVC headphones also include a pair of 40mm drivers that produce superior sound replication at all levels, from treble to base and beyond. Simply plug the aux end into a compatible device and you can listen to hours of high-quality entertainment. To top it off, these cushioned headphones include an 11.48′ cord that lets you plug into devices that are out of arm’s reach.

JVC HARX500 Full-Size High-Quality Headphone:

  • Large 40mm drivers for superior sound quality
  • Comfortable cushioned headband
  • Impressive sound reproduction
  • Twist action structure for comfortable long listening
  • Cord length: 11.48′ can be wound up or used to stretch across a room
  • JVC headphones include an adapter that allows them to plug into amps and stereo systems


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