Keep Your Playstation 4 Pro Cooled with the Kootek Vertical Stand

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Keeping your video game consols at a proper temperature is something that can be a bit of a challenge, especially for those that tend to use their console for long or extended periods of time such as myself. You definitely do not want your console to be running to hot which can cause some awful internal damage to what is a rather expense gaming device. You can make certain that your PlayStation 4 Pro stays nice and cool with the Kootek Vertical Stand. This stand allows your PS4 Pro to be kept cool so long as the console is positioned in a vertical direction.

Another great feature of this particular stand is the ability to hold up to 14 games which are kept in place with the stand itself. This makes for a fantastic way to showcase your favorite PlayStation 4 games and also makes for a great way to save storage space on your shelf or entertainment center. The Kootek Vertical Stand also allows you to plug it into the USB port of the PlayStation 4 and work as a charger allowing you to charge up to two PlayStation 4 Dual-Shock controllers at a time so long as your console is on. The stand also includes 3 USB ports on the front of the stand allowing you to plug in your controller, mouse or your USB keyboard. The two built-in fans will be running to make sure that any and all heat is dispersed and not focused on one location. Most people do not realize just how much heat can form when having their PS4 Pro running for extended periods of time and the Kootek Vertical Stand will make sure to keep your PS4 Pro nic and cool as well as prevent it from overheating. This stand is one that I highly recommend to any PS4 Pro gamer and owner that wants to increase the lifespan of their console at a very affordable price as well as save space and showcase your favorite games right alongside your console as well as helping keep your controllers charged making sure that you never have to worry about your gaming ceasing whatsoever. I believe you will be thoroughly enjoyed with this product and that it will meet all of your cooling, storage and charging needs now and in the future.

Product Features:

  • Game console positioned in a vertical direction, special design for space saving in your room.
  • The built-in cooling system which can cool the console efficiently, help to increase the PS4’s overall lifetime.
  • Features a management system to store up to 14 games, extra 2 rubber footpads install in blue tabs which can improve the stability of game holder.
  • Dual charging station to charge two controllers simultaneously, 2 blue LED indicator light on the front of the stand. Note: Charger will stop working when console off/sleep mode.
  • 3 HUB USB ports on the front of the stand to enable flexible connect keyboard or mouse. ( PLEASE NOTE: This item only fits Playstation 4 Pro console. Game console and controller NOT included in the package. )

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.