Fun Ways To Use A Voice Changer

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Voice Changer is perhaps one of the most recent advancement in technology that can add to the convenience of your life. You can use Voice Changers for a variety of ways, both for your entertainment and for the betterment of your life. It might be a bit surprising to hear but there are a lot of practical uses for a Voice Changer. It is extremely useful to protect your identity which could help keep you safe from harm.

Here are some other ways for you to use Voice Changers in your life.

Get Rid of Telemarketers

Getting the same call over and over again all throughout the day, suffice to say, can get a tad bit annoying. It is also troublesome to keep on answering calls that you think might be an emergency which then turns out to be just a telemarketer pushing their useless products on you.

A voice changer can help you get rid of salespeople. Studies have shown that telemarketers are much more aggressive with their sales talk when they realize that the person they’re talking to are “vulnerable” in their definition, ie. the elderly and young women who are living alone. You can use a voice changer to mask your identity, increase your age or change genders to stop getting annoying calls.

Sound Older

The younger you are, the harder it is to get considered seriously. This is a problem that you will often encounter when you play games or join online chat groups. It is quite possible that you get kicked out or ridiculed because you sound like a kid. Voice Changers can definitely fix this problem. It is easy to get judged on phone calls because all they hear is your voice. Even ordering from restaurants can get frustratingly tricky when you sound like a pre-adolescent.

Immersive Roleplay

Playing Roleplay games is, for a lack of better term, fun. With a decent Voice Changer, you can bring a more immersive experience to your Roleplay Group. While deepening your voice or opting for a higher-pitched one is the normal way to go about it, integrating a Voice Changer within your Roleplay group can definitely increase your enjoyment. You can even add in multiple sound effects that will make the Roleplay experience much better. DMs will find that having a Voice Changer also allows them to be more creative with the universe that they build.

Scare Off Stalkers

This app can also be used to scare off pushy stalkers. Unfortunately, there are still people out there who sends out malicious calls either as an attempt to woo or scare them. Of course, you should notify the police if you are getting any of these calls. A Voice Changer can also be used as a preventive measure. Hearing a vulnerable voice can make your harasser bolder and much more confident. However, a deep and tough sounding voice will, in most cases, scare them off. Setting your voicemail with a tough voice will also deter burglars into breaking into your home in fear of running into a big, burly man.


Voice Changer was first originally looked at as a Novelty feature that can be used primarily for pranking. Just imagine how much creative you can get with Voice Changer at your disposal. You can call your friends and act like a confused elderly, an angry Italian, or a sleazy stalker.

One of the main reasons why Prank Calls do not work as intended is because your voice gives you away. A Prank Dial App with a built-in Voice Generators lessen the chances of this happening by masking your voice and changing it into a different person’s. This also makes your prank more believable as you can undertake different personas that will help with your chosen story.

Troll Gamers

Another use for Voice Generators is to troll gamers. When you play against gamers, most of them would be expecting that you are of the same age. When you are beating someone into a pulp, it would be more fun to frustrate them by using a Voice Changer by letting them think that they were beaten by an 8-year old kid. Their pride and ego would definitely get bruised and they might even ragequit.

Gender Obscurity

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of sexist undertones going around in the world today. Despite being in the 21st century, many people still decide to act differently towards different genders. These people do not intend to be sexist or to discriminate but the culture itself still needs more time to change. There are a lot of industries that treat the other gender better. For example, studies have found that mechanics provide a better rate for men than women. What you can do then is to call your mechanic with a Voice Changer, asking for a quotation. When you get the price, you can then call with your normal voice. From there, you can compare what is a better rate and confront your mechanic.

Improve Gameplay Experience

When you play games, you would want to be as immersed into the gameplay as possible. High Definition Graphics and Surround Sound Speakers help you a lot with improving your gameplay experience. Another tool that can help you with your experience is to use Voice Changers. Are you playing as a Dunmer in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? It would be more fun to employ a Voice Changer so you get the full experience of acting as one of the Dark Elves.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.