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Kristi over at runs a fantastic blog that helps others with blogging tips, social media, SEO and much more.  She recently had a question and answer session over at Social Media Examiner’s Facebook Fanpage and answered blogging questions for an hour.


Some of these questions were very good such as “Should I include video blogging” or questions related to using a self hosted WordPress blog vs as your blog host.  The questions ranged from making money from blogs to generating income from social media, as well as how to get followers.  The whole transcript of the Q&A session is about a 10 minute read and was well worth it for me.

The whole session inspired me to find time to do a live Q&A session myself somehow, though I have a day job I will have to coordinate something at night and not sure how many bloggers would attend?

I highly recommend you head on over and check out the 44 blogging questions answered by Kikolani and even if you are an experienced blogger you can gain some insight here.

-Dragon Blogger

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