Kindle Fire Game: Blindscape

I have played text games before where only your imagination provides you a clue as to what the world described in the text looks like. This game is sort of like that. Here is the difference. There is no text. In fact, the screen is completely black. All you have are your ears, and a voice to guild you.


This is another one of those games I just stumbled upon a few days ago while looking for apps on my Kindle Fire. The story it being told as a narrative, with plenty of extra audio sounds in the background, but no picture. Only your ability to use what you hear, to guild you around.

You see, the person telling the story has no eyes. They were removed because of something he was caught with. Something that was supposedly a threat to the way of life of the people who are now forced to live behind a wall. A wall patrolled by armed guards.

The only hint that this game has to offer, touch the screen until you find just the right spot to perform what ever action is required of you. It isn’t easy. You really have to listen and pay attention, and oh yeah, headphones are a must.

I have not played much of this game yet. My battery died just shortly after I started it, but I can say that I kind of like it. I am a fan of Interactive Fiction, and this on is definitely hands on interactive. I do wish that they had a game save or a book mark feature. having to start over from the beginning each time is kind of a drag, but aside from that, if you give it a try, I think you just might like it too.

You can find this game on Google Play as well as the Amazon market and it’s free!

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