Know the password of your WiFi network

Many times my computer is connected to a WiFi network but I don’t remember the password for it now. This is something I have experienced a lot. Often, I am using the teacher’s WiFi network of my college and the administrator himself enters the password without revealing it to me, and sometimes some of my cousins do the same. Faced a similar situation and you want to connect a second device but don’t know or remember the password? You can obviously ask the admin about the password or you can find it yourself.


To know the password on windows, first open Command Prompt as Administrator. You can do this in many ways, simplest being just by pressing the Win+X key combination and selecting Command Prompt (Admin) option.CMD_Admin

Now, with the Command Prompt open, type the following command

netsh wlan show profile name=SSID key=clear


Replace the term “SSID” with your network’s name.

Now, just hit Enter.Key content

Now, you’ll see lot of deatails about the wireless network. The password will come up under the Security Settings section. If you just want to view the password, then just run the below command and you will get the password.

netsh wlan show profile name=HOME key=clear | findstr “Key Content”

only key

You can also view the wireless networks password by another method too which doesn’t include typing in any commands. This works on Windows 8.1 and below.

Right click on the WiFi icon on the task bar and click on properties.Properties

Now, in the Wireless Network Properties window, click on the Security tab. Just check the Show characters option to make the password appear as plain text.View Password

Now, you can easily view the Wireless Network’s password you are connected to. Have any similar tips to share, shoot down the same or any suggestions or doubts in the comments section below!

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