Laptop or Tablet: Which is Better for You?

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Laptop-VS-TabletsThese days, many of the tablet manufacturers claim that a tablet can easily replace your laptop but is that really true? If you are going to buy a tablet/laptop and are confused what to buy, read on to clear all your confusions and know the pros and con of both, enabling you to make the better decision.

Before you decide on tablet or laptop, you should first know the differences of the devices available. Tablets like the Apple iPad and other Android tablets both run on OS’s derived from mobile interfaces. These tablets are designed for simplicity, more or less focusing on lighter operations than a laptop. In contrast, Windows 8 tablets can run many of the same programs just like that on a computer and are compatible with the same file types. The biggest difference between the two types is that iPads and Android tablets can only use apps made for that specific operating system, whereas Windows 8 tablets have more wider set of programs and can perform some heavy tasks that the former ones can’t.

When are laptops better

Tablets are a big NO if you are considering heavy gaming or CPU/GPU consuming tasks like Video rendering, Photoshop, etc. If you are going to do decent amount of typing, consider a laptop or at-least a attachable keyboard for your tablet since typing on a tablet can be quite a tedious task. Laptops are better if you want to do some real work, not just checking mails, etc. even if it just includes creating and editing office documents.

Though tablets are more portable, you can always go for a ultra-thin, light laptop such as Windows based ultrabooks or Apple’s MacBook Air. Choosing them, you get the portability you need without sacrificing performance or functionality. If that doesn’t convince you enough and want the best of both worlds, consider a hybrid PC, but keep in mind the hybrids may not always give you the storage space and processing power you need.
Laptops are also generally more comfortable to use, and are more durable than any tablet.

When are tablets better

If you move around a lot and want portability more than anything else, tablet should be the device for you. Tablet is more of a consumption device, whether you are watching a movie or reading a book. Also,  if your job requires you to mostly access your emails, view reports, browse the web,  video conferencing, etc., the tablet is the ideal device for you.

Tablets also tend to last longer than any laptop, the high end models can last for up-to 8 hours or even more with light usage and can be on standby for days.



In a nutshell, go for a Tablet if:

  • Your work involves: accessing your emails, viewing reports (not creating them), browsing the web, video conferencing, posting on social networks etc.
  • You have a laptop or computer as your primary device and want a companion for on-the-go tasks and media, etc.
  • You’re looking for a device that can last like ~6 hours or more and is relatively easy to use.
  • You just want a ‘consuming’ device: watching movies, TV, music, eBooks, casual gaming, etc.

Go for a Laptop if:

  • Your work involves: task requiring heavy processing power and graphics, like video rendering, Photoshop, etc. creating office documents, designing, etc.
  • You’re shopping for a primary computer to get all your stuff done and could benefit from good processing power and data storage, and also want it to be portable.
  • You will do heavy gaming on your device.
  • You are more comfortable with using track-pad and keyboard as input methods as opposed to a touch screen.
  • You will use it for long period of time in one go as tablets are not very comfortable for the wrists in a long use.


Now what’s better for you? There’s no final answer anyone else can give you. It’s up to you to evaluate your needs and decide on whether a laptop or a tablet would be best. Both are equally good in their own terms.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.