The Legend Of Korra: PC Game Review

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Legend of Korra: The Game, is actually quite fun and mildly exciting. Read ahead for the specifics of the game mechanics and story. Scroll to the bottom to check out he final verdict.

Basic Things to know before you play:

Note: Skip this section if you’re familiar with the basics of the show and the concepts

Obviously the game was designed to be played by someone with basic knowledge of the Avatar universe, but if you’re just a gamer and don’t watch animated shows then it isn’t hard to grasp the theme of the game, however, you’ll have more fun if you actually like the show.

In this universe, the are 6 kinds of people, and 4 kinds of basic elements; fire, water, air and earth. Most humans can bend (control) only ONE of the 4 elements, there are a lot of people who can’t bend any of them, they’re like normal humans. In the middle of all this, there is one person, known as the Avatar, Master of all elements, whose job is to maintain peace between the people of the different nations.

The protagonist, Korra, is the current Avatar of the world. The game begins where she has just defeated the villain of the second season, Unalaq.

LoK 2014-10-27 23-20-19-413
A Mecha Tank


LoK starts off instantly in the middle of the action (at the end of book 2 in the shows timeline if you’re wondering). You are given limited control of all the elements though this fight scene acts like an intro more than a tutorial. Th game uses a two button system, you control all the offensive attacks using the two buttons of your mouse, you can use the scroll wheel to change between the elements (which are unlocked later). Movement can be done using the WASD keys along with Spacebar for jumping. C for counter and Shift for Dodge.

Since the game is a fast-paced third person action game, the camera movement matters, a lot. However for some reason the camera feels quite heavy and you’ll be dragging your mouse around repeatedly just to turn around in time to face an enemy. Even when the sensitivity was cranked up to the maximum, the camera was not friendly at all. It has a weird inertia and keeps snapping to random points. Half way through the game and I couldn’t perfectly predict the camera movement. A major flaw in this type of a game. However, the remedy for this issue was simply locking on to target using the R key, but if you’re trying to do some parkour without enemies near-by then you’re out of luck.

Legend Of Korra

There are a bunch of times in the game when you’re told you use Naga ( a dog/bear like animal) to make your way through the course. These segments are incredibly similar to the mobile game Temple Run. You can use the left right keys to change ‘lanes’ or turn. Space bar to jump and Shift the slide. There are a few bonuses as double jumping of creating a shield using your bending. These small segments usually last a couple of minutes and are not that difficult to do, since they have checkpoints. However, they do give you a change of pace, which is sorely needed after fighting with over powered enemies; which is a repeating task.

The game offers, as mentioned, several Over-Powered enemies at regular intervals. For example, the first time you encounter a Mecha-Tank (giant robot) you can’t hurt it unless you use Counter Attacks, of which you are informed AFTER you perform a few Counter Attacks. This mechanics of the game could have been a lot better.

The Story

Theres only that much I can write without giving away any spoilers but here it goes; the story is that Korra is attacked by this old man and his gang which consists of a bunch of previous villains of the show. These people seemingly block Korra’s ability to bend, which forces her to gradually unlock them by doing various tasks. The answers are revealed at the end of the game.

The story is definitely interesting but not exciting at all (at least until the end). It’s more like a Lost Episode.

Probending Arena

Other Aspects

The game is seriously lacking in the one thing that makes the show such a success. Humor. This absence is understandable considering that none of the major characters make ANY major appearances in the game. The story is solely based on Korra’s own adventure. Another aspect which is worth mentioning is that the games fighting mechanics have an extremely steep learning curve. In several situations, it’s just better to smash buttons rather than trying to think up different strategies or moves. This factor is the biggest cause for frustrations, even ahead of the camera physics.

Legend of Korra is an interesting game. It is currently priced at $15, which is what it deserves. The overall game feels rushed and even cheap at times. In rendered cut scenes the mouths of the characters don’t even move.  The animated ones however are of great quality.


Gameplay 6
Sounds 7
Presentaion 8

Overall (not average)


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.