Trifo Emma Robot Vacuum – Efficiency is always Essential

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Efficiency is doing better at what is already being done – Peter Ducker

There are so many vacuums out there, why do you have to bother with a Robot Vacuum ? Why do we need a Robot Vacuum ? Aren’t all the Robot Vacuum the same? These are the popular concerns that consumers usually have when it comes to shop for a new robot vacuum. It is understandable. To some people, robot vacuum is just a machine that can suck anything on its route. It wanders around and sucks as much as possible till its battery dies out. Unfortunately, they are all the myths. With the rise of technology, robot vacuum has reached to another level. They are capable of navigating wisely, and perform high-efficiency cleaning. At the same time, they come with high-capacity batteries and self-charging function. Today, we will show case you one of the significant models from Trifo – The Trifo Emma.

I/ Who is Trifo ? Are they legit?

Trifo – pronouced as “try” and “fo” – is a full-stack AI home robot companies. Their products are mainly for families to optimize among work, personal lives and family. In order to ensure the high quality products, they have a strict guidelines for recruiting their talents as well. Even though with only 50 employees, 80% of them have at least a Master degree. On top of that, they come with an impressive stack of Tech experience. Thanks to the top-notch in-house talent, Trifo can fulfill their vision to let people focus on what’s important. Their lines of family robots will take care of the rest.


II/ The efficiency in essential – Emma

Emma is the first series of Trifo’s line up. This model – as its name suggests – has all the essential features for the daily routine. The design is the first advantage feature that we want to mention. With a slim and compact design, the Emma is capable of sneaking into small corners. and the bottom of the furnitures. It won’t miss any spot in the house. Moreover, the Trifo will precent you from bending your back to reach to these hard spots. This will also reduce the risk of injuries while you do any cleaning. As you can notice, the engineers also spend a lot of time and effort to maximize the output from the design.

Another important feature is the flexibility in controlling the device. There are multiple ways to control the Emma. The first approach is voice over, which is very easy and intuitive. Out of the box, customers can connect their Emma to the Alexa, or Google Home. Then, they can give voice commands to the Emma to perform the job. Another approach is via the Trifo app. Users can download this free app through the appropriate App Store. This app acts as a remote control for the Emma. In other words, users will have a full control of the Emma in the palm of their hands. It offers a simple solution as a one-click cleaning. By activating this, the Emma robot vacuum will start performing its duty. Another neat feature is the scheduled cleaning. You can set Emma to start cleaning at the certain time of the week.

The Emma series emphasize the importance of efficiency a lot. When the battery is low, it can navigate back to the base and charge itself. At first, I thought this is normal compared to other brand. However, I realize that the Emma can estimate how much energy it needs to get back to the base. At the same time, thanks to its smart navigation system, it optimizes the route to get back. As a result, customers will have their mind at ease about the robot’s routine. It is smart enough to handle everything by itself.

With one single charge, Emma can operate up to 110 minutes. The long operation time ensures Emma will finish the job that customer desires. The best part is the duration also includes in the active running time. In other words, customers will get the maximum duration out of the 2600 mAh lithium battery to clean their houses. No job is too big for Emma!

III/ The core of efficiency

As mentioned earlier, Emma series come with a smart navigating system. Not only does this help with the charging, but also it improves the efficiency while cleaning. One of the thing I hate the most from robot vacuum is random navigating. In other words, some robots will move randomly in any direction without purpose. This results in missing spot, or certain areas become cleaner than the others. Fortunately, thanks to the cutting edge technology, Emma series perform much better. While cleaning, Emma will map out the whole route of the area. As a result, it enhances the effectiveness of the route. It helps her to maneuver around the obstacles, as well as edges. Emma can perform 3x better than any others random moving robot vacuums.

The most important feature, which is also the core, is the high-efficiency cleaning. Emma achieves this via an array of features. There are two different models of Emma with two different suction power. The normal one comes with 3000 Pascals, while the Pet version has 4000 pa. This will leave no dust, dirt, and pet hair in a single pass. In addition to the suction power, there is a longer main brush along with a six-claw side brush. Together, they create a 9” cleaning path. By utilizing this wide cleaning path, Emma can cover more areas than other typical robot vacuum. Moreover, thanks to the smart navigation system, Emma will perform a more effective and efficient job. It will take less time to do the same amount of work.

In order to fully optimize the technology, Emma also equips a large dustbin. This 600ml dustbin can store a lot of dirt. This is a handy accessory since it reduce the frequency of emptying the dustbin.

Trifo has done an outstanding job in emphasizing the essential in the efficiency with Emma. With so many useful features, Emma can easily become a home assistant that everyone needs. You can purchase at Trifo’s Emma at this link.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.