LotFancy 5 Fan Laptop Cooling Pad Review

I got the chance to test out the LotFancy Laptop Cooling Pad a little while back, and I must say that I love it. One of the first things you notice when plugging it in is the lighted fans. The blue is bright and well, pretty. I also noticed that it was whisper silent. In fact, it was quieter than a whisper.

I have used other cooling pads, and one thing that I did not like was how flimsy they were. This one is very sturdy and is made to allow you to raise the laptop at an angle if you desire, or keep it flat to the surface it is on. I wondered at first why I would want to set it at an angle, then I remembered things like the Surface, and other new style laptops and large tablets, so it makes sence. It also has two small but handy pieces at the bottom that you can flip out to keep the device from sliding off the pad.

On the top, there are two USB port so that when you use possibly the only one you might have on your device, you still have one to use. The buttons are located next to the USB ports, and there are two of them. One for the 4 outer smaller fans, and 1 for the larger center fan. A green Led lets you know the fan is on when your tablet is covering the fans.

Now, for me, I wondered just how cool the pad could keep my device, and I did notice that my Android tablet was running a little hot so, I did a short video showing the fan in action with real time temperature information. While the temp still fluctuated up and down, the highs were not as high while the fan was on, and the lows got lower. So, in my opinion, the LotFancy laptop cooling pad does what it says it will do, and it does so fast and beautifully.

I would highly recommend LotFancy laptop cooling pad to anyone who wants a device that does the job without breaking the bank. Not only that, but it looks good while doing so.

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