FamilyTime Parental App – Great Features, Neat Interface

As the technology is getting advanced, great apps are coming up to simplify and facilitate almost everything, including parenting. A few years back, parents had to simply worry about where their children were and what they did behind their backs. Today however is a different scenario. With parental apps, parents can do a lot of stuff.

One such app is FamilyTime, doing rounds among parents and co-parents. This app claims to simplify parenting and even lets co-parents collaborate and sort custody arrangements. So here is a review on this FamilyTime parental app. Let’s have a look at its specs and highlighting features.

What is FamilyTime?

FamilyTime is a parental monitoring app with some unique specs. It’s a friendly parenting app and it’s equally helpful for tech and non-tech parents. It will collect mobile logs, Web history and location history from kid’s smartphone and make it accessible on parents’ web portal.

The good thing is that it has a separate app for the children and does not collect any data from parent’s phone.

FamilyTime highlights


FamilyTime gives the users a very smooth user experience as both the parent and child dashboards are self-explanatory. There is no complicated process to activate and use it. It’s quite a flexible app where parents can edit the child profiles and set parental controls for each.


You can select from different package and then select your payment spans. It has a Premium package that has some exclusive features and functionality. You can subscribe to monthly, quarterly or yearly package, and in each case, you will get 15-days free trial.


It’s quite a feature-packed app not only because it has various specs. In fact, it has different dimensions for monitoring. For example, you can track the kids with GPS location tracking, check their Web behavior for the Internet monitoring, and keep an eye on their mobile usage with cell phone monitoring.

An interesting addition to the parental app industry

FamilyTime parental app is a helpful app for all the parents who’re working or want to stay connected with their family all the time. With parental apps on the rise, FamilyTime can be a great option as it offers a great mix of features and usability. Parents can sign up on their websites and can also install the parent’s app on Google Play and iTunes.

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