Lumsing 10400mAh External Battery Pack

The Lumsing 10400 mAh Battery Pack provides you with everything needed in an external charger/battery pack. While being slightly on the heavy side, the pack makes up for it with its sleek and surprisingly good capacity given its size which will allow you to keep your phone or appliance up and running, ready for when you need it. Capable of around 4/5 whole charges on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 it has a huge capacity which can simultaneously charge two devices  by using the USB ports on the device. On the outside the device is very appealing, with a white plastic finish as well as a metal finish on the lower half of the body and on the underneath there is a power button and 4 led indicators display the charge remaining (25% charge per led). The device comes with a grey finished carry pouch which can be opened and closed via the strings attached.

I highly recommend this charger as it definitely out ways my previous two packs in both charge capacity and stylishness, the only down side which I have mentioned previously is that it is slightly heavy to be carrying around in your pocket however the usefulness of the device makes up for it. Weighing at 8.35oz and the dimensions are 5.43″ x 2.35″ x 0.86″ while being roughly three/two times the thickness of my Note 3 and a little less than the full width of the phone. If you want to see the full review it can be found down below.


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