Major Characteristics of a Best Mobile App 

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Mobile apps are increasingly replacing web pages, so creating an app is a common practice. The internet users access the Internet frequently from their mobile phone than from a computer. And according to Randomido technology report, more consumers spend time interacting with an app than with a website. Many apps fail because they do not connect to their audience. In this article, we would talk about the aspects of a good and successful mobile app.

Fun factor and interaction

In the first place, the fun factor of a mobile app is of great importance. The bottom line that applies here is that a good mobile app should be fun. An app that is fun to look at, nice to use and smart enough to hold your attention interacts with its users to create a sense of trust. A good mobile app succeeds time and time again in a fun way of service, so that the app is used repeatedly by the user.


Not paying attention to the design is an error. Even the slightest detail influences the success of an application.

Design is not just about choosing colors and shapes; the work of the designer of the application is complex and goes from the user experience (UX) to the interaction, through the animations, the study of the paths behavioral or button design, among other things. The images must be quality and personalized according to the type of design and philosophy of the brand.

A good display quality is a criterion to seduce the user. It may be obvious but I regularly see this aspect neglected. If an image is not at the correct resolution, it will be pixilated and you will see tiny squares that degrade the image. Different mobile devices like tablets and smart phones often have different display resolutions. Graphic designers will have to create images for each resolution (or almost) to obtain a perfect display quality. This necessarily has a cost and a good mobile app will have a clear visual without pixel.


In addition to the fact that a successful app provides entertainment, it is also important that an app is useful. Of course it is nice if an app succeeds in looking nice, but why would you (continue to) use the app if it serves no other purpose? That is why it is important that app users have a reason to stay busy with an app. A good mobile app provides app functionalities that readily generates added value for its user.

Speed and fluidity

This is another criterion for a successful mobile app. Take a simple case, you launch your favorite mobile application and you are on the home page. You press the different buttons/tabs to visit the app and a new page appears. The display time of the page after pressing the button will set its speed of navigation.

The speed and fluidity of an app can vary according to different criteria. If there is a large amount of images to load (page with a list of photos for example), the page will take longer to appear but the overall quality of programming will play an important role in speeding up the transition of the page.

Adapted to different operating systems

iOS and Android are the two operating systems par excellence in mobile application, and each has its particularities. A good mobile app takes that into account. The ideal is to have expert designers in each software, since they know the style of each system so that the application has fluidity with the same, at a visual level and performance.


Another success factor is the ease of use. Understanding and subsequently being able to work out a good idea is one of the major challenges. The best apps manage to create an interface that seamlessly blends content, features and the smart phone.

Ergonomics is a very important part and often underestimated by developers who do not have the skills and knowledge to create an effective interface. In a good mobile app, a user path is created. It allows a user to understand the application at a glance. No need to put a big billboard with “CLICK HERE” writing.  A small presentation well worked and designed helps the user know exactly how to move and get the information sought.

The buttons and interactions must be clearly visible in a good app. The user should not have to search or press everywhere to access what he wants!

Smart notifications

It is not enough to warn that an update is pending or that a user has a new message in his inbox. A good mobile app connects with its users based on their behavior. Smart notifications can anticipate the needs of a user and sending the right number of notifications can convince the user and build loyalty.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.