Mesqool AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock Radio Review

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I think that we can all agree that keeping our tablets and phones charged is a never-ending task. There are so many options out there and many are very good, but all of them take up space and plugs that may be needed for other things.

Not long ago, I picked up a device that will not only charge my phone but will also wake me up in the morning and sing me to sleep at night.

Mesqool has a charger that really works and works wonderfully. This device has a single USB port on the back and allows for devices like Phones, MP3 Players, Tablets, and more, to be charged when you may not be awake, and even when you are. And unlike a standard charger, this one comes with useful extras.

I love that my phone and or tablet has the ability to tell me what time it is, but in the middle of the night, with as dark as it is in my room, I cannot always figure out exactly where I laid my phone down, let alone press a button and home to read the small numbers that represent the early morning hours. But, with the Mesqool AM/FM digital alarm clock, I can see the time with no trouble at all. This is partly due to the really large display, and the fact that I can also have the time projected onto a wall or even my ceiling. And, the projected time can be flipped upside down or right, depending on where you need to project it, and focused to provide a sharper appearance.

In addition to the time display, you can program in 1 or even 2 alarms. Each or either can be a simple audible tone, or you can set it to turn on the music. And don’t worry, there is a snooze function as well. My only complaint actually would be with the audible tone for the alarm. While it woke me up easily, I am a lite sleeper. Well, most of the time. If I was a heavy sleeper like my children, I would never hear the tones. For those folks who suffer this problem, I would strongly suggest waking to music, as you can turn the volume up on the radio.

Since I mentioned the radio, I will spend a moment talking about the radio. It has both AM and FM band, and it can be programmed. I will not tell you that the audio will win any awards for HiFi sound quality. This is not its purpose or function. It will, however, get radio stations in with little effort and come with a wire antenna for those hard to reach stations. In addition, there is a sleep timer setting that will allow you to set the music to play for up to 90 minutes.

Daylight savings time is supported as well as dimming the screen a bit so the time display is not so bright. All of the buttons are multifunctional and depending on how they are pressed, they do more than one thing. The manual for this device is absolutely amazing. If more companies took the time to explain the functions of their products the way this one is, the world would be a less confusing place.

One last bit of important information needs to be covered. First of all, this is not a battery backup device. It is not, therefore, a portable charger. It does need batteries, but they only serve to keep your time and stations should you need to unplug the device and relocate it. No charging is possible on the batteries as they would not be powerful enough to do any good.

Overall, I like this device and have it set beside my bedside, not so much to wake me up, but to keep my tablet charged while I sleep. (I generally go to sleep playing a game to unwind). If you need an alarm clock and a way to keep your device charged at the same time, then this might just be something you might enjoy. Especially if you already an alarm clock that does not do all that this one does. Time for an upgrade.

Disclaimer: Mesqool sent me their AM/FM Digital Projection Alarm Clock Radio USB Charging device for evaluation. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.