Online Brain Games You Have To Try

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Online brain games help your mind stay sharp by working your memory and ability to remain alert. There are various types of these games. They range from those that test your language skills, math, Sudoku and puzzles amongst others. In addition to that, there are also online psychology games. These games for psychology enables you to test how well you can predict and tell what the next move will be and is critical to how well you do in the games.

What are some of the online games that you can try?

There are many brain games available online. Whether you want to play online games for psychology or any other type of online brain games you will can always find one that suits you. Some of these games include:

l. Brain Jitsu

This is a National Geographic Channel game. In this game, an action superstar and a celebrated martial artist Dolph Lundgren aims at testing your mental ability and that is crucial for your progression past the various conundrums. It is an online game for psychology as well as your ability to focus. It is the only way for you to get your black belt.

Not only is Dolph Lundgren a professor in the field of fighting, he also has an I.Q of 160 and is a real life Mensa member. This allows him to make Jitsu both a contest of mind and body and is amongst the latest logic and trivia games available at National Geographic’s Online Brain Games channel.

You can play online brain Jitsu just about anywhere. Where you are on the road or at home, you have no excuse not play the game. Its design aims at offering you quick and effective brain Jitsu knowledge. To achieve this, it uses visceral animation.

From the early 90s, Nat Geo have been collaborating with Dolph Lundgren. They together recorded different voices and took photos for the purposes of creating the game. In the game, users try to conquer several logics and test their brain memories. The challenges vary in difficulties. To make the game more interesting, Sensei Lundgren serves as a destruction to the players by making the questions easier for them at the expense of gaining maximum points.

2. The National Geographic Cribbage Game

This is another online brain game from the Nat Geo’s brain games channel. The game was originally a shipboard game by the name noddy. In the ancient times, from the sailor’s bunk a carved hole enabled users to play the game in rolling seas using pegs. Today, users can play the game in English pubs or access it online from anywhere in the world.

Mostly, two people play the game but it allows for three or four players. It is a card game that whoever attains 121 points first wins the game. The total number of cards used in the game is 52 with the exclusion of jokers. Like in other games, the player must know some basic terms. Some of the terms include crib, game hole, flush, hand, his nibs (heels), match, pair and pegs among others.

This game tests both the player’s mentality and psychology. A player has to have the ability to predict the next move that the opponent will make and then decide what card to play next.

3. National Geographic Birds And Flowers 3-D Puzzle Vase

From Nat Geo’s channel for brain games comes this another puzzle game. In this game, you have to assemble different parts of the plastic vase to complete the puzzle. It offers a perfect challenge for the player to enhance his problem solving skills.

This game is available online where the player is expected to assemble 160 pieces of the vase in order to create one beautiful vase. At first sight, the game appears to be easy but with a closer look, you will notice that it is a perfect online brain game. In addition to that, it is a family game. Children as young as eight years old can start playing the game. This will not only enhance their problem solving skills but also serve as a source of entertainment.

Users can play the game online by visiting the National Geographic’s website. Here, they will have the chance to either play the game online or download it at a small price. To make it more interesting, Nat Geo allows you to share your score on social media such as Facebook to compare with how the other players are performing. 


Online brain games offer a perfect form of entertainment as well as being educative. Various types of these games are available ranging from Sudoku to puzzles and math. The games can also serve as online psychology games where users get to stretch their brains further. Generally, online brain games are worth trying out any day.  These can help keep your mind sharp

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.