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New Adjustable, Portable Shoulder Massager For All Body Types Is Designed For “Just The Way You Are”

SHENZHEN, China, October 7, 2019 – After years of developing and perfecting modern massaging technology, NAIPO introduced the oCuddle, a massager designed for “just the way you are.” Through market research and comments from hundreds of thousands of customers, Naipo discovered that the massage market was missing a portable, multipurpose shoulder massager that promises to fit all body types and physiques.

Taking customer input into consideration, Naipo designed the oCuddle, which adjusts to the height of its various users to provide an expert-level massage. Putting into practice traditional Asian methods, bidirectional rotation from the oCuddle’s twin four-node massaging heads replicate the feeling of kneading and shiatsu as if by fingers, knuckles and palms, holding and loosening muscles rhythmically. The addition of two levels of comfortable FocalHeat technology reduces muscle tension and fatigue, resulting in the deep relaxation that once was only available at the spa.

With the pace of modern life rapidly increasing, people are finding themselves more and more stressed with less and less time to schedule a massage. The oCuddle is a lightweight and ultra-portable massager that solves that problem; its small carrying case makes it suitable for on-demand use at home, at the office or even in the car.

Maintaining wellness is critically important for living a healthy and balanced life. Naipo’s goal is always to “Find Well-being,” and the oCuddle takes that concept to a new level. The buttery-soft, skin-friendly elastic fabric that separates the massage nodes from the skin is best in class, removing excessive friction. Furthermore, the fabric is removable and can be washed. It is perfect for multi-person use. Customers in search of a tailor-made massager need look no further than the oCuddle. The oCuddle pre-launch falls October 7 at


Founded to satisfy growing consumer demand for health and wellness, Naipo makes affordable massage products that soothe the body, mind and spirit. In today’s fast-paced modern world, Naipo’s products ease stress without taking up the precious resources of time and money. Naipo is constantly conducting market research and soliciting customer feedback to further its commitment to developing industry-leading massage and relaxation products. Naipo pairs traditional and contemporary therapy methods with modern technologies to produce affordable, comfortable and reliable massage products that help people of all ages and lifestyles “find well-being.” The company’s website can be found at

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

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