NoScope Gaming Glasses Hat Trick Bundle Review

In our recent NoScope Gaming Glasses giveaway I talked about the 3 gaming glasses you get in their Hat Trick Bundle which is a great deal if you have multiple gamers or just want to use all 3 styles of NoScope gaming glasses on occasion, and this is my formal review of the NoScope Gaming Glasses Hat Trick bundle and my feedback on all 3 types of gaming glasses in the bundle.  First off you get the NoScope Demon, Orion and Hydra gaming glasses each with their own case and microfiber cloth for keeping them dirt free and clean.  They are packaged neatly together and I immediately had a favorite of the three within a few hours of using each of the glasses.

NoScope Orion Gaming Glasses

The Orion Gaming glasses were my favorite for their look and the size of the lenses, but I found them to be the hardest to clean (though NoScope did tell me a trick to run them under water and use the microfiber cleaning cloth and this did the trick perfectly).  These glasses also due to the shape of their lens are most likely to have glare if you have a desk near a window and I had to make sure my window blind was tightly closed all the time or the light from outside would glare into the glasses, this glare did not occur with the Hydra or the Demon, so overall the Hydra turned out to be the best of the 3 NoScope Gaming Glasses for me.

NoScope Glasses (1)
NoScope Orion Gaming Glasses

The Orion glasses have flexible rubber nosebridge tips that adjust easily and feel very light on the nose, there is no pressure or pain at all which was a nice touch, though they are not as sturdy as the ones in the Hydra gaming glasses they are the lightest feeling on my nose.

NoScope Hydra Gaming Glasses

The NoScope Hydra Gaming Glasses were my favorite of the 3 pair, they have the cleanest field of vision with the least glare from outside light sources, as well as were easier to keep clean and clean off than the Orion gaming glasses (same as Demon) and the flexible nose tips and quality were higher than that of the Demon gaming glasses which have a solid plastic nose bridge part which is not adjustable at all.  Out of all 3 the Hydra were the ones my kids also liked the most and fought over to get after my review was finished.

NoScope Glasses (2)
NoScope Hydra Gaming Glasses

NoScope Demon Gaming Glasses

The Demon style of gaming glasses is their least expensive line and is a static non-flexible plastic piece that goes over the nose bridge and around the ears.  It isn’t uncomfortable but is the least comfortable of the 3 gaming glasses, but the lenses were just as good as the Hydra gaming glasses.  I did find the plastic feel was not as comfortable and the lack of a soft adjustable nose grip did annoy me after time wearing them.  Again Ahmed did the Demon Gaming Glasses review separately so not going into a lot of detail here.



NoScope Glasses (3)
NoScope Demon Gaming Glasses

Using the Glasses

So I have used the glasses during both daylight hours and night time hours and found that they provide more benefit to me when used after hours in a dark room than when using them during the day, when your eyes are tired and just starting at monitor screens the soft yellow tinge to the glasses do make the screens easier on the eyes for sure.  I found less eye fatigue and strain when using them at night in darkness and it helped keep my focus on the screen as I was blinking less frequently (at least it seemed when wearing them at night).

No, these gaming glasses will not make you a better gamer but they may make you have a little less eye fatigue and strain if you are one who games at night with all lights off in the room with only the glow of the monitors to keep you company, and this is where the glasses worked best.  Note, these glasses are not U/V protection glasses and you should not wear them outdoors, they are designed to be worn indoors while staring at a computer screen monitor.

Overall if you find that you do suffer from noticeable eye fatigue and strain while gaming at night, or working late at night staring at Office spreadsheets, you may benefit from using these glasses.  They filter the harsher blue light spectrum allowing your eyes to receive a more natural light from the monitors and they may provide some benefit.  I will say I found the eye relief to be comparable if not a little better than using Flux software to adjust the color temperature of your screens, when you have a multi-monitor setup it can be annoying to have to run Flux on multiple monitors and you have to play around with the color temperature that works best, I found the glasses to be easier and provide at least as good benefit.

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