Overview of Wondershare eDraw

For anyone who runs a business or works at one and wants to become more productive, most people know quality software is they key to making that happen. Wondershare eDraw has a ton of options that can help you make diagrams, organize complex ideas, and create processes and systems to keep everything flowing together. This article will go over some of their products if you’re in the market for good quality software.

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How Wondershare eDraw works

Like other software systems, they have a “try before you buy” option so you can fully test something out before you commit to it. It’s easy to install software

Here’s a quick overview of most of their products:

1. EdrawMax – This helps you create flowcharts, mind maps, organization charts, floor plans, network diagrams, and any other type of visual chart you would need to make. This can help you see how projects or organizations can flow together or help you get a better overall picture of a project. Overall, there’s about 280 different types of diagrams and charts you can make.

2. Mindmaster – As professional mind mapping software, you can take your mind maps with you on the go. You can see them on a PC, tablet, mobile, and web so everyone on your team can access that anywhere you go.

3. Edraw Project – Anyone who manages a project knows the importance of a Gantt Chart. These give you the ability to see the whole project at a glance and keep an eye on the moving parts all at once. This software allows you to do that and track everything in real-time.

4. OrgCharting – This software allows you to create data-interactive organizational chart. This allows you to plan and adjust workforce management quickly and easily.

5. Edraw Infographic – This software is easy to use and lets you create infographics. Infographics are essential for social media posts, white papers, powerpoint presentations, and any other visual medium you could need.

6. Edraw Office Viewer Component – This document container allows you to store any and all files you would need so you don’t lose anything important. Some files include: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Visio documents).

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