OxyLED T120 Dimmable Eye Care Desk Lamp Review

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Hey there.  When I started to put together my work station, one of the first things that I told myself is that I am going to end up getting a lamp for my desk.  The last desk lamp that I had used tiny incandescent light bulbs that would get super hot.  So hot, actually, that my laptop camera got fried and the frame around the monitor warped when it got to close to the lamp!  I immediately told myself that I am going to need a LED lamp.  Something that is not too bright but will get the job done.  Especially since I tend to stay up and work late.  I wouldn’t want the light to flood the room while working during the middle of the night.  I need something like the OxyLED T120 LED Dimmable Eye Care Desk Lamp!  Our good friends at OxyLED provided the Dragonblogger team with the T120 LED Desk Lamp to try out and review and I, for one, am extremely happy with the product.  So before I get into my experience with the desk lamp, let’s check out this quick video I made of the two features that I’ll be focusing on.

This is a desk lamp, folks, so I’m going to spare you the technicalities of it and just get into what makes this OxyLED Desk Lamp tops.  There are 2 things that this desk lamp has going for it: the dimmable light touch controls and the LED light source.  First, let’s talk about the touch controls.  The touch controls of the desk lamp are pretty cool.  Usually, a desk lamp has that little switch that you roll or flick to turn the lamp on and off.  This OxyLED desk lamp has a power symbol and brightness indicator lights that you can glide your finger over to turn on, turn off, and adjust the light brightness.  Now that is pretty cool.  I’ve haven’t encountered a desk lamp with touch controls like that before and after trying it out, I was extremely impressed with the responsiveness of the touch controls.  I lightly tapped the power symbol to turn it on and off and if I wanted to dim or increase the light, I would slide my finger clockwise around the power symbol.  If you are familiar with turn the volume up and down on an iPod, you will be familiar with how to increase and dim the brightness on this lamp.  The lamp has 6 levels of brightness and you can tell what brightness level you are on by the indicator lights that are turned on.  Very cool.

The second thing that makes this OxyLED lamp great is the LED light source.  I mentioned earlier how the desk lamp using those tiny light bulbs fried my laptop camera…  those desk lamps get too hot and I made a conscience decision not to use them anymore.  You simply can’t have anything close to them or you run the risk of getting burned or something getting scorched.  You will not have that problem at all with this great LED light source.  The LED light source is cool to the touch.  Even after it being on for quite some time.  But what if a white light is not your thing and you want that soft yellow glow that most incandescent light bulbs give off.  No worries, OxyLED has you covered.  Not only do you get a bright white light, but you can also toggle to a soft yellow light by tapping the power button twice.  That’s perfect for when you want an even softer light.  Again, wonderful when you are working late at night and you need just enough light to illuminate your work space.  Add the fact that the LED light source is attached to a flexible tube and you have an extremely versatile desk lamp that anyone would want on their work space!OxyLED Desk Lamp

The OxyLED T120 LED Dimmable Eye Care Desk Lamp is a lamp that belongs on your desk.  You can pick one up in red, silver, black or white, and they also save up to 60% more energy than a conventional desk lamp.  If you plan on going green anytime soon, this lamp is definitely a great start.  It promises up to 25,000 hours of service light which equates to approx. 10 years of light.  Imagine that, a lamp where you won’t have to change the light bulb for 10 years.  Yeah, sign me up!  Even if you already have a desk lamp, you may want to replace it with this OxyLED desk lamp.  Trust me, learn from the death of my laptop camera, lol.  Grab one of these today!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.