Perixx PX-3200 Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review

As a Gamer, my gaming rig is important to me. An easy thing to overlook is the keyboard. Most people don’t realize how ineffective standard keyboards are for gaming. They often have uncomfortable layouts, fragile keys, and just don’t help a player get into their game. Perix wanted to do something about that, so among the already impressive roster of gaming keyboards, they designed their backlit PX-3200 Gaming Keyboard to give their players a real edge. The keyboard itself has a solid design, and is made to endure the most aggressive gamers. You could throw this thing at a wall and then finish your match with no issues (although why would you do that?).

It’s so pretty!

The keyboard boasts a 50 million keystroke life cycle, however Perix is kind enough to send a bag of replacement keys in case you manage to somehow do any damage. The back lighting color can be adjusted through 7 different colors, 3 of which can indicate what macro settings you are using. The keyboard has 12 macro keys. However, even if this isn’t enough, Perix sends you software which will let you further customize your macros to whatever settings you want. The level of specificity that comes with this keyboard is startling, and it’s uses go far beyond gaming.

With the software provided by Perix, you can customize the keyboard to use mouse functions, media hot keys, or even lay out any 5 key keystroke you find yourself frequently using. There are also fast shift keys which let you shift between 3 different modes (and colors) allowing you to have access to up to 36 custom macros. Not too shabby. The keyboard also offers a mic and headphone jack for an easier audio set up.

In addition to all of these unbelievably helpful features, Perix also added another button which may save a few gamers lives. The Anti-Window key. It functions just like it sounds. When the window lock is on, your window key does nothing. What a simple and yet unbelievably useful function.

The video review of the keyboard can be found here (And look at that handsome guy reviewing it):

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