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I enjoy gaming, both table top and video, but more than that I love discussing them. I hope to bring that love to others.

HAVIT HV-KB104CM LED Backlit Wired Keyboard Mouse Combo (White) Review

Those of you who stick around and read what I write (and why wouldn't you, I'm hilarious) know that I love HAVIT. Their products walk the line between excessive quality and Scrooge McDuck esque frugality. So if you are still somehow surprised to find that I love HAVIT pc gear, get ready to kick up [...]

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Amadeus Power Bank Review

The Amadeus Power Bank has been nothing but pleasant surprises for me. I previously owned a power bank that was some glossy white iSomething looking thing, and after only 3 good charges, the product simply stopped working. I was so infuriated. It's difficult to find products that don't have blazing logos and wacky commercials that [...]

Perixx AX-1200 Gaming Headset Product Review

    Perixx, a company that has already endeared themselves to me by going above and beyond in the gaming accessories that they create, has been kind enough to give me one of their AX-1200 gaming headsets to test and briefly review. Spoilers, I love it. Starting with the obvious, Perixx knows how to make [...]

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Investig8- Data Acquisition Technology

When asked about the development of technology, questions of legality seem secondary to questions of morality. So in a world of spy drones, wire tapping, and personality profiling technology, we must often ask ourselves not only what we want to do with the technology we develop, but what we could do. One type of technology [...]

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Bandicam Screen Capture Video Software

With the rise of lets plays, many people are looking for the best screen capture and real time video capture software available. Many people have come to rely on Fraps as the benchmark for software of this type, but is it the best software you can use? Of the many alternatives available, Bandicam has come [...]

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Finding the Best Game Price with Cheap Digital Download

Over the last five years, gaming has been going through an interesting transition. As there are more data clouds, peer to peer data sharing sites, and online media streaming, gaming has begun to move away from disks and cartridges. Many a modern gamer prefer to receive a license for the games (and movies) that they [...]

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Alpha Game Review: Rimworld For PC

Rimworld, is a scifi colony management simulator from Ludeon Studios with more ambition than most modern indie games dare to have. Originally only a mysterious project known as Eclipse Colony, Rimworld emerged from the mind of Tynan Sylvester some time in early 2013. It seemed to get traction almost immediately. Borrowing the art style of [...]

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