HAVIT HV-KB104CM LED Backlit Wired Keyboard Mouse Combo (White) Review

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Those of you who stick around and read what I write (and why wouldn’t you, I’m hilarious) know that I love HAVIT. Their products walk the line between excessive quality and Scrooge McDuck esque frugality. So if you are still somehow surprised to find that I love HAVIT pc gear, get ready to kick up those BPMs. HAVIT recently sent me a keyboard mouse combo that I’m really digging. However, and here is where the emotional roller coaster of my product reviews really starts to get exciting, I also have some criticisms.

KeyboardA nice, respectable gaming combo.

The keyboard and mouse combo I was was testing out was the HAVIT HV-KB104CM. They look nice and they are pretty well priced for their quality, as always. Rather than having the monochrome backlit black design that is all the rage right now, they decided to go for a white design with some conservative black trim. The weirdest part of all this is that instead of going for that slick, plastic, iSomething design you often get by product designers who hope to look “future-tastic” HAVIT gave in to their inner child and back-lit the keyboard with a every dang color. The mouse, which is also backlit, glows the entire color spectrum and sports some really neat crack designs that make you feel like this guy has seen and done some stuff that he’ll need to see therapist about, and that’s how I want my gear to look. It’s not what you would expect if you wanted to feel like a L33T gamer, but it’s got a certain appeal to it.



Aesthetics aside, the mouse and keyboard function like a champ. The keyboard has some nice thumb ridges for comfort and the keys have a lot of spring to them, so they feel pretty good to game on. I also really like the rough finish on the keyboard. Things like that seem easy to overlook, but it gives the keyboard a much rougher feel and small things like that can really add to your game play mood without you even realizing it.



A Mouse of many colors

Likewise the mouse (which also glows various colors) is a sturdy design that HAVIT has assured it’s customers will last them a good long time. It feels solid and function well. That and the standard extra mouse buttons mean you’re going to be good to go for whatever your PC gaming pleasure might be. Also did I mention that the mouse’s cord is braided? It is, and I love it. Braided cables make every gadget better. The best part however is that the mouse comes with a button by the scroll wheel that lets you adjust the mouses sensitivity on the fly. That is an incredibly simple, but equally rare function that I find especially useful considering that I use my computer for things other than gaming.




Oh. My criticism? OK. HAVIT, I’ve liked you for a really long time. We’ve had a good thing going, and I don’t want you to feel like I’m judging you, but here goes.

Why the omni-chrome “crayola spill” back-lighting? I’m not judging you. I’m sure it’s a design that a lot of people will like. It’s very creative. But still…why isn’t it one of many color settings? They are all in there, I can clearly see them. So why not have the option of being back-lit with each of those colors individually, and then have a rainbow setting at the end for when Timothy Leary feels like a game of League of Legends. Still, even though they look like the PC from a skittles commercial, I would recommend this combo. They are solid and well designed and worth the price.

Now excuse me while I go text HAVIT to make sure they aren’t breaking up with me.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.