Bandicam Screen Capture Video Software

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With the rise of lets plays, many people are looking for the best screen capture and real time video capture software available. Many people have come to rely on Fraps as the benchmark for software of this type, but is it the best software you can use? Of the many alternatives available, Bandicam has come out as being not only the most affordable, but in my opinion, the most efficient. Firstly, Bandicam’s trial version is completely free, and it’s licensed version is extremely cheap, so it’s great for beginners or people who are curious what this video capture thing is all about. The software was incredibly intuitive. So much so, in fact, that I’m confident that anyone who has even seen a smart phone can pick up bandicam in a matter of minutes. I found that after a brief period of time I was able to make several quick recordings without knowing much about video editing. The videos compiled almost instantly and I felt like the videos I had created were very decent quality. Also, unlike Fraps, Bandicam took up very little ram, so there was nearly no lag during my recordings.

 Bandicam picture 2

Also among Bandicam’s list of pros is it’s ability to record from the desktop, which Fraps cannot do. The videos recorded with Bandicam come at a much higher FPS rate and the user can adjust Bandicam to force the correct FPS if needed. Unlike Fraps, Bandicam has an unlimited file size for those users who are willing to spring for licensed versions. Since the videos compile as you record them, the overall file size of your videos will be reduced, and you can have an unlimited maximum file size for all of the videos. Bandicam also has webcam overlay features which ensure that you don’t have to worry about adding in your webcam in post production of your videos. You can also slap your logo on the screen if you like. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to do any recording until my temporary license had expired, but even so I didn’t feel like I had been cheated at all, because the unlicensed version has nearly the full functionality as if I had paid for it.

 Bandicam picture 1

Ultimately, however, the recording software that meets your needs is going to be the correct software to use, but with Bandicam offering so many options at such a reasonable price, it’s hard to imagine it not meeting whatever needs you may have. In fact the only real issue I had with it was when that while trying to record some footage of the Civilization games ( of the Cid Meyer fame) Bandicam seemed to be unable to record the video for some reason. Still, I felt that it was a piece of software that went above and beyond the benchmark that Fraps has set, and since it’s used by some of the more famous Youtuber’s, it’s obviously a worthwhile bit of tech to have in your arsenal. I suggest Bandicam for anyone who is in the market.

Here is some test footage.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.